Peter King says the Eagles are a “Prime Candidate” to Play in London

Photo Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

In general, Peter King is a jackass. But he’s a plugged-in jackass, so when he says the Eagles are one of a few “prime candidates” to play a game in the International Series over the next few years, many NFL fans think, “Oh, they’re still doing that?”

Yes, they are. Last week the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins faced off in London’s Wembley Stadium — only the best for the Brits — and this season will also bring Lions/Falcons and Cowboys/Jags across the pond. According to King’s MMQB, Mark Waller, the NFL’s executive vice president of international, believes the NFL will have a team in London in seven to eight years which is THE WORST IDEA OF ALL TIME. But in more reasonable and near-future news, the Eagles could be popping over to jolly old England soon:

In the short term, Waller says to expect three NFL games played at Wembley Stadium during the 2015 season (England is hosting the 2015 Rugby World Cup, with two matches scheduled at Wembley for Sundays in September, one reason the NFL will stick with three games). Two of those games will be played on consecutive weeks, to test how the stadium’s field holds up to that wear and tear. This is important, because if there were a team in London, its schedule would likely be played in two- to three-game blocks, home and away.

The NFL’s international committee discussed plans for 2015 about two weeks ago. The Jaguars, who made a four-year commitment to the International Series, will be one of the “home” teams in London each season through 2016. Who else could be in the mix? Well, the league’s international committee has reps from nine teams, six of which have played in the International Series, and three that have not: Chiefs (Clark Hunt is the committee’s chair), Bills and Eagles. Those teams will be prime candidates in 2015.

As Bleeding Green Nation points out, Jeffrey Lurie holds a spot on the NFL’s International Committee as well, seemingly making the whole scenario pretty viable. And if it’s announced, you’ll probably want to get on reserving your ticket and flight right away, since those International Series games, mostly ignored here, draw 80,000+ to Wembley almost every time.


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  1. Fuck this shit. Why is the NFL so insistent on trying to force people in the UK to like our sport?

  2. Fuck you Lurie, You’ll charge us full price for two shitty preseason games while losing one regular season home game? Fuck that.

    1. But you get to pay $40 to park and $10 for a beer plus you get to see my wonderful windmills! You ungrateful brute!

      1. So if Windmill Jeff pays $20 for a case of 24 beers and sells them for $10 , he makes $220 a case?……….seems fair to me.

      2. What about your new video boards Windmill Jeff? I love them and i also love that you devote the exact same amount of space to advertisements as before the upgrade. Cheers!!!

  3. This is why I’ll go down as the greatest commissioner ever! Just think about it, your home team is playing in London, there’s a flag every other play and half the players are out with concussions or as we used to call them “headaches”. Isn’t this great,. I wish I could give you all a big hug.

  4. If you want this to do well, having a huge game like that Seattle Broncos game would be the only way to get most of the US market to actually tune in outside each of the respective cities.

    No one has cared about the teams that were playing in this international series.

    Here is the big thing though, there is no way that a team like Seattle is going to give up home field advantage to play overseas. Anyone think New Orleans wants to give up a home game? Nope. The only people who would, would be bad teams like the jags. Terrible teams aren’t going to draw any domestic tv ratings.

    So the good teams don’t want to be in this, and no-one cares about the bad teams

    1. Exactly right. And because both teams suck (or at least one does), 80,000 UK chumps get to watch 20 three-and-outs for years without ever seeing a quality contest. Sound business model there.

    2. I don’t know if that would even help. Londoners give even less of a shit about American football than you think. Wembley Stadium consistently sells out for the International Series because corporations buy the tickets.

      There’s an American football fanbase in England, and maybe a Seattle/Denver game would raise interest somewhat, but not nearly enough to make it mainstream. And, like you said teams like Seattle, Denver, New England, Philadelphia, etc. would not be will to give up a home game against a big-time opponent.

    3. The NFL doesn’t care about getting American fans to watch the London football games. They couldn’t care less about getting Americans to tune in for Oakland vs Miami. Americans will tune in to watch any football game. Thursday night football is completely unwatchable each week. It gets 16 million people.

      The NFL doesn’t care about expanding the US market. They are trying to build up the foreign market. They get 80,000 people in London to watch Oakland vs. Miami. People travel from all over Europe to see the game in person.

      And they don’t make the good teams give up home games. They make teams that can’t sell out give up home games. That’s why the Jaguars are playing there. Nobody cares if they lose home games. The top flight teams will be considered the road team.

      1. Yeah bu like Ted said above you. London isn’t going to care about the NFL. The NFL has less of a chance of making it in London than soccer being taken seriously in the US. It just isn’t going to happen.

        Until then, this gimmick will be run in the ground and real fans angry.

        I know you might not even oppose what I said, I am just adding. But who knows. you might disagree

        1. The real growth of the game in Europe will occur in the next 10 years when the Super Bowl is played in London.

          1. While I hear what you’re saying and the NFL would probably want to do that, logistically it won’t work.

            They aren’t going to have the Super Bowl air in the afternoon on the east coast of the US because of how much money they make off the commercials. And to have it start at 6 PM here it would have to start at midnight in London. That shit won’t fly with anyone.

    1. “What are two things I never wanted to do?”

      or is the answer

      “Who is the commenter who said he would leave the website but still hasn’t”

  5. I don’t get it. The EPL is building fans here by increasing publicity around their league. They’re not adding teams from the US to increase their fanbase. Why can’t we do the same?

  6. Dear Eagles Season Ticket Holders, we will be a HOME team for one of these pointless games and, even though you will not be there, I WILL FIND A WAY TO FUCK YOU IN THE ASS FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.
    Fuck you, you cocksucking christkiller.

  7. I dunno. I’d love to go see a game over there. I’m not a huge fan of the idea but i understand why they are doing it.
    I just hope that it is an away game that is moved so that we don’t have to give up a home date.
    Falcons, Panthers, & Jets are the likely candidates if it is an away date.
    If home, Saints, Bucs, Bills, & Dolphins.
    Probably not the Dolphins though; they already have played like 3 times over there.

  8. The eagles would not give up a home game… The teams that give the home games are teams that don’t sell out their regular home games…no big market team would ever give up a home game unless the NFL threw a bunch of money at them to make up for it….The whole idea is stupid anyway

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