Probably the Greatest Series of Tweets Ever

Let me try this wizardry: Alex Morgan’s iCloud photos haven’t been hacked yet.


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  1. Me and my boy just got done looking at the pics of the Sandworm of Dune and both said how we would have rather seen Alex Morgan’s pics.

    And Fuck The Mets.

  2. Who is 1) Anthony DiComo and 2) why don’t you write a frame of reference for the tweets? Unfucking believable. Read what you wrote, Kyle, which was nothing. You copied and pasted tweets that make no sense without a point of reference. Too much trouble to write it?

      1. I don’t know why people get critical over your blogs. IT’S A BLOG! READ THE TITLE!!!!

        Irreverent: showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously.

        Philly Sports Blog: Blog meaning it’s his and he can write whatever he wants.
        People (DiComo)
        Things (Baseball irony)

      1. “If you couldn’t figure out who he is and what he was talking about, then I’m sorry.”

        Yeah, imagine my ignorance. I looked up the guy and figured out he is a beat writer for the Mets, I don’t follow Mets’ beat writers. How could I possibly know this information without a frame of reference from you, the author of this blog entry? You don’t give a shit what you post. Be honest. You just post it.

  3. This is actually funny, I don’t know why people in the comments are getting butt hurt about not having a reference or that you’re just copying stuff. This could have been a 40 year old chick who still clings to Hello Kitty sitting in a Houston Astros game and I still would have found it funny.

  4. who the fuck is the guy in the pic? what a stupid fucking story about as dumb as that fat no good slob angelo cataldi hey angelo cataldi go fuck urself and you to al MORONganti u fucking ass kissing skunk hair pussy!

  5. I don’t understand the the last tweet. I don’t follow the Mets really and it would have been much better if I wasn’t sitting here still wondering what the fuck the last tweet meant! Son, get your shit together!

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