The Eagles’ Midnight Green Jerseys Will Be Ready in Week 6, Against the Giants

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So it appears Nike has figured out how to make green – yes, yes, I know it’s more complicated than that – and will have the Eagles main Elite 51 Midnight Green uniforms ready for Week 6 against the Giants, according to company pitchman Dave Spadaro. Fashion editor Dan can now breathe again.

H/T to (@EaglesJake)


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  1. *Schuylkill Water Green


    White on the road, black at home, until the approval for the Kelly Green goes through. That should be the plan.

  2. I always thought they wore white at home in the first few games because of the heat… I guess I’m wrong

    1. The only time they really wear white at home is against Dallas to force them to wear their cursed blue jerseys.

      I think the last time they wore white at home in a regular season game was like 2011.

      1. No they wear it at home early in the season. Teams have to declare jersey’s ahead of time, so they usually ask to wear white in September.

        The Dallas thing was done in the 90s when the Cowboys were good and the Eagles were a second-rate franchise trying to fuck with them. They haven’t done that in years.

  3. Just as soon as Dan wakes up (he’s in China), he’ll be giving you a detailed correction to this.

  4. Fashion editor Dan is a homo faggot scum bag that fingers his asshole while wearing womens clothing.

  5. Back when I played we never cared what color jerseys we wore, they’d be stained red with blood by the end of the game so what did it matter. I brought one of my old game worn jerseys to Mr Roger Goodell and when he saw it he fainted. His last words before falling to the floor were “you’re a brute”.
    He looks a lot better hugging the floor than a 1st round pick.

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