The Eagles’ “We’re From Philadelphia And We Fight” Video Will Send You from Six to Midnight Faster than a Chris Polk Kick Return

If you need me, I’ll be in the other room chewing on glass and breaking my hand attempting to punch through drywall. I need a timeout right now. Too much excitement today.


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  1. Hate on these videos all you want people.

    They are nicely produced and with each win, these get better every week.

  2. I guess the rocky stuff isn’t played out yet? Movie is 40 years old people. I’m sure most of the players never even saw them

      1. When you hear it every 3rd down when the eagles are on d, and it doesn’t fuckin work, I think its time to switch it up. To anything. Anything at all. Please. I can’t take listening to that song 45 times a game anymore. No matter how drunk I am.

  3. dumbest video ever, we’re from philly and we fight when was the last time the beagles won a championship? oh yeah never mind.

    1. good post you queer. when was the last time you drank your own nut?..oh right, this morning for breakfast. Go tongue you mom’s thunderhole.

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