The Makers of Bud Light Lime are Disappointed with the Way the NFL has Handled Itself

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And they aren’t even talking about Matt Prater: Anheuser-Busch, the league’s second biggest sponsor (the brewing giant sponsors 88 percent of the NFL’s teams), is none too pleased with the recent Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy situations. In a statement issued to the NFL today, the makers of Shock Top — so they know something about bad decision making — said, “We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.” It’s one thing for a sponsor to fire off an angry letter instead of actually cutting ties with a sponsored entity (Radisson got it right), but having the people who mass produce Natty Ice question your commitment to a moral code is harsh.


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  1. Jim, I enjoy your writing. You are entertaining, in my opinion. However, there are peons on this site that want to rip everyone. You know this. Unregistered usernames = assholes. I re-post this from a previous thread because I think it’s worthy of it:

    Totally unrelated to this post, but I think this is something to ponder, Mr. Scott. In the last thread, I was accused by a commenter of posting under different names. This is bullshit. That particular commenter couldn’t accept the fact that there are many fans that don’s cock worship Merrill Reese. That being said, and I know you don’t want to do it, but you should require user registration to comment. Anonymity is key for all commenters of course. But how fucking hard is this?

    1. Commenter creates anonymous e-mail account.
    2. Commenter’s anonymous e-mail account is then translated to a crossing broad username that alleviates all this nonsense of multiple comments .

      1. The site went downhill? Are you serious? The site is downhill currently when you allow the following “usernames”:
        Your Mom
        eskin swallows cataldi’s spunk
        Murray from Mayfair wants to Fuck Rob Ellis

        I’m no prude. I laugh at funny, sick shit all the time, but enough is enough. This website needs to change it’s login policy. They need one. The comments are old and stale.

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  2. Why is the play-by-play announcer/employee of the Philadelphia Eagles, Merrill Reese, interviewing the GM of the Philadelphia Eagles, Howie Roseman on WIP? WIP can’t have Roseman without Reese? It’s really a fucking joke. No independent criticism whatsoever. Yet these idiots on WIP complain about the lack of transparency in the NFL.

    1. What station do you think Merrill Reese works for?

      he has been working for WIP for like 3-4 decades at this point

      Bob is clearly misinformed

      Bob steal handles

      bob is a complainer

      1. “real” doesn’t know something call “facts”
        On Reese: “he has been working for WIP for like 3-4 decades at this point”
        No, asshole. Reese worked for WYSP for those years prior to coming onto WIP. WIP should have replaced him a few years ago after acquiring the rock station WYSP. He stinks.

        1. “After a few years he moved on to WIP as a backup for that station’s Sports Director, Charlie Swift, who did drive-time sportscasts and Philadelphia Eagles play-by-play. While Swift was vacationing, Reese began doing the pre-game and post-game shows for the Eagles on WIP and later was assigned to do color commentary during the games. He became the voice of the Eagles in the middle of the 1977 season after Swift committed suicide.”


          and a miss

  3. Good for Howie Roseman in this Merrill Reese interview nonsense. He just called out Reese on forgetting shit, which is common for this guy. Reese doesn’t belong on the fucking radio interviewing people. No announcer does this. Do away with it, WIP. Even Gargano realizes Reese needs to be out of there, but WIP does nothing.

  4. Seriously why is Reese talking about football? What does he know about the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Anthony Gargano is my 2nd favorite only to Angelo.

    Josh Innes should be the play by play eagles announcer

    I have no clue what i’m talking about

    1. No, i’m really not.

      It isn’t fair that people can’t comment on this website without a standard policy to keep people from stealing handles and be immature.

      I GUARANTEE you that if Kyle were to make a policy about logging in, there would be more traffic.

      Kyle, PLEASE

      1. bob, you are clearly someone who wasn’t reading when he did this a while back. you “GUARANTEE” that there will be more traffic? When he did that, hardly anyone came here anymore because the comment section was destroyed. 1 or 2 comments per post. You sir have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. Please stop bitching, and leave this blog forever.

  5. Oh look, Jimmy wants to make fun of the mass produced beers that AB makes. So witty. I never thought there would be anyone who would make me wish Kyle was the author of a post on the main page. Jimmy tries sooooo hard to be just like Kyle that it’s beyond sad. Jimmy is just a clone.

  6. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD AFTERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON EVERYBODAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ok rob we getting this opinion from a beer company that charges 26.00 dollars for a case of light beer

  7. Anyone find it ironic that a beer company is just terribly upset with the NFL and its handling of players accused of domestic violence? This coming from a company whose product is found in 99% of spouse abusers. Laughable

  8. We here at the champagne of beers are disgusted by the NFL’s decisions over the past month. We have made are displeasure known to Windmill Jeff, his new Asian wife and his ex Crazy Christina. Jeff thinks he can buy us off with a free luxury box at the Temple game and he might be right if he includes an open bar with free Shock Tops.

  9. comparing making a shitty beer to trying to cover up a wife abuse video? fuck you jim.

    also to all the cunts saying beer causes domestic abuse. i drink beer and i dont hit my wife. assholes

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