The Eagles begin their 2014 season on Sunday, and almost all topics have been thoroughly discussed, even uniforms, thanks to Nike’s issues with Midnight Green. But there’s always time for more uniform discussion as we count the hours until 1:00 on Sunday.

Below are seven questions all about the Eagles’ uniforms. We all know Kelly Green going to win, but just how overwhelming will it be? Throwbacks? A Nike re-design? Something more subtle? How do you like your helmet wings? It’s all covered below. Any especially strong opinions? Omissions? Suggestions? Find me on Twitter, @dancfuller.

The most important question.

Should the Eagles switch back to Kelly Green? Sure it’s technically not limited to only “Kelly Green or Midnight Green,” they wore blue and yellow in 2007, remember. It could be any other color, but if a change were ever made, of course it would only be to Kelly Green.

Kelly Green or Midnight Green

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Some quick demographics:

How old are you?

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Now some details:

Should the Eagles change their current uniforms?

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Assume they’re changing. What type of change should they make?

Current uniforms but swap Kelly Green for Midnight Green.

Kelly Green for Midnight Green

Throwback-Inspired Kelly Green Uniform. Lots of options here: Maybe the clean 1960 design worn once in 2010? What about the Cunningham-era Kelly Green+Silver combo? Stripezilla? See below for more. (I’m glossing over some details here. Look at the Gridiron Uniform Database for the full history.

Kelly Green Uniforms

A slightly modern “freshening.” Think of the Vikings or Dolphins updates in 2013. The Vikings assumed their Arena League 2006-2012 design never happened and pulled off a nice update to their classic look. Little modern touches like matte helmets and asymmetric striping make for a noticeable, yet understated, re-design.

Viking Progression

The “Let Nike Do Whatever They Want” – spacesuits for everyone! Who cares how it’ll look in ten years! Think of the Jaguars, Buccaneers [author’s note: blech and blech], and Seahawks [get rid of the navy blue pants, and I have few complaints. Full disclaimer: I’ve come around on these. Except the blue pants. And the grey alternate.]. And finally, a word of warning: Kyle absolutely wants the Eagles to go this route. Kyle has AWFUL taste. He was the guy who didn’t just learn the Soulja Boy dance in 2007, he showed it off. He blasted “Lollipop [REMIX]” on “Repeat 1” in Ocean City, New Jersey, in his Mazda 6, windows down, white puma hat worn like a mark of pride. “But Lil’ Wayne is SO good. The lyrics are so smart – ‘she want to lick the (w)rapper.'” Shut up, 2008 Kyle. I haven’t used “Repeat 1” since I was 13. Because “Lightning Crashes” was that good, dammit. Kyle discovered he liked pumpkin beer in 2010, like 12 years after Jim tried it ‘before it was popular’ (Jim, amirite?). He buys two cases of Pumking… every July. And his mom “Likes” the picture he posts on Facebook. Every year. Don’t be like Kyle. Anyway, a bunch of fan renderings for Nike-fied Eagles uniforms are below.

not official

Loosely Oregon-inspired

From bkknight95 on the forums.

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If they went with something Kelly Green throwback-inspired, which era should they use?

Most fans in my age group think of the Cunningham-era uniforms as the de facto Kelly Green uniform, but there is lots of variety here.

Kelly Green Timeline

80s – Kelly Green, Silver Pants (which Nike probably couldn’t make in their “Elite 51” materials, so they’d actually be grey…)

70s – STRIPEZILLA. (I’m including the white helmet uniform, too, but that’s really a 60s-style uniform worn in the early 70s.)

60s – plain, but clean. (author’s note: add some sleeve stripes and a stroke on the numbers, and we’d be in business). Switch to matte fabrics and a helmet, and it’d have a nice modern touch, too. It’d be Nike’s first attempt at a throwback-inspired modern uniform, similar to what Reebok did with the Bills in 2011. The Eagles looked really good in these throwbacks in 2010. Sure, the Eagles uniform history goes back to the 1930s, but they don’t look like the Eagles until 1954, with 1960 being a good starting point, if only because they’ve already worn them as throwbacks.

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What about helmets?

If it’s throwback-“inspired” no one is terribly offended if there’s a mix-and-match of elements from different eras. Look at the Bills. It’s a throwback-ish uniform, but without their retro “standing buffalo” helmet logo.  Which Eagles helmet design would you want?

Current – typical 90s resign with goal of “make it it look 30% meaner;” lots of shading and details on the wings, even two strokes on the border.

80s (really, mid-70s to ’95) – Solid color with strong white stroke to offset the silver from the green. Very nice.

Early 70s – Short-lived white helmet with green wings. Consider a vote for this to be a vote for white helmets.

60s – Solid silver wings, solid green helmet.


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Finally, for something unlikely but possible this season:

It seems unlikely that the Eagles will actually be changing anytime soon, so with what they currently have available, do you want to see the Eagles bring out their seemingly retired combinations of all-green and the… unfortunate black over green? The usually preseason-only all-white combination is great, but I like that the Eagles have a “preseason uniform.” It reminds me of the excitement of football starting soon — and the horror of preseason games.

black with green and all-green

Nike could really show off their prowess at Midnight Green color matching by putting the Eagles in green jerseys and pants in week 6.

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Thanks for taking the poll, everyone! Let’s Go Eagles!

Just a quick update for those who are reading way down here and are likely interested in such things: The Fleischer Art Memorial is having a seminar on September 10 at 6:00PM about the history of Eagles uniforms from 1933–1993 lead by Peter Capolino, who founded Mitchell & Ness. It’s on 7th and Catharine St in South-ish Philadelphia.