The Union are Playing for the 101st U.S Open Cup in Chester Tonight

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, which stands as the oldest ongoing national soccer competition in the U.S. and the world’s third-longest-running open soccer tournament, will be decided tonight. The cup can be entered by pro clubs, amateur squads, and even club teams, but it’s now down to two: The Seattle Sounders and the Philadelphia Union. The Union will face off against the Sounders at PPL Park at 7:30 p.m. tonight for the cup — shown locally on the Comcast Network.

The now long-gone Bethlehem Steel F.C., after which the Union modeled their third kits, are in the top spot for the most U.S. Open Cup wins of all time with five. To their advantage, the Union have former Sounder Sebastien Le Toux, who currently sits as the all-time leading scorer in the Open Cup with 14 goals. The Sounders’ Kenny Cooper is second with 13. It’s going to be a great game, and maybe having something on the line will help the Union grab a little more of the fan-share in a city that sadly still has a pretty large blind-spot covering PPL Park in Chester. But there is a silver lining to that, as tickets to tonight’s Cup Final are still available.

UPDATE: And they lost.

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47 Responses

  1. Please no more soccer stories, its a socialists sport. AKA Unamerican. Its bad enough we have to deal with the World Cup evety 4 years. This is overkill, no one cares.

  2. If you hate soccer, why did you read, then take the time to comment, on the fucking story.

    Just wait for the next post about an athlete’s dick or some other nonsense. It’s more your speed.

  3. The story you ran on the Union trying to “influence” you to write about them a few months ago…yeah they must gave been successful this time with their strategy, as well as writing the story for you. There’s no way this was written by the usual crossingbroad writers. There’s none of the usual humor or cynicism.

  4. Chester stinks almost as bad as we do. Only difference is Chester will still be there a month from now!

  5. fuck soccer a whole stadium full of neckbeards jeff caps and scarves and thats just the women. fishtown must be empty tonight

  6. Chester ? moved outta there in 1988. Harrah’s didnt work, either will soccer.
    Camden is trying everything to draw business; hence the new Sixers facility.
    Baltimore Harbor is the only area that has prospered.

    Location, location. location.

    1. Its all about the tax credits – or haven’t you figured that out yet? Those credits are given out by the States I believe, not the cities. And when you say it didn’t “work”, what do you mean?

      1. Dear Real Bob:
        I work in Camden. 37 years. Empowerment Zone = Tax credits per square footage.
        I have a great job……just make sure you get outta dodge before dark.
        Norcross rules all down here.

        1. But you don’t expect the Sixers facility or the Whatever-they-call-it-now Music Center or the Aquarium to ‘fix’ Camden do you?

          1. Real Bob;

            don’t give a fuck about Sixers new anything. Do some research, George Norcross wants to turn the Camden Waterfront into a Cooper Hospital Mega Surgery center. South Jersey loses $1 Billion a year to Phillys Hospitals hip and knee surgeries.

  7. You think soccer is the worst and that its so boring and dull?

    Tell me more about how youll watch a 3-4 hour baseball game thats so boring that they had to invent a stretch for everyone to do towards the end of the game to prevent everyone from falling asleep.

    1. Who says “youll” watches baseball, or are you just pulling arguments out of your ass in a desperate attempt to defend a shitty sport that nobody cares about?

      1. I spelled something wrong?

        Tell me more about how you bring up typos in a debate because you have no arguement.

        Criticizes grammar and spelling when the word was properly used. Uses incorrect grammar in a run-on sentence while making arguement against incorrect grammar.

        “Who says “youll” watches baseball,”

        1. Wow. Sensitive much? I don’t think he/she was criticizing your grammar. He/she was asking you, literally, who is saying that anyone watches baseball? Thus the snarky follow up of “pulling arguments” thing.

          Plus, you did misspell youll. And that was not a run on sentence. And you misspelled argument. But whos counting?

  8. As a proud sponsor of the Union we are disappointed in the low opinion of commentors regarding this exciting sport. We suggest you pickup two quarts of our “champagne of beers” put them in a brown bag and drink them quickly. Then you’ll understand why the good citizens of Chester have embraced this fine team.

    1. Actually, Miller is the “Champagne of beers”, thereby rendering your racist stereotyping unfunny and invalid.

    1. I don’t even like soccer… but that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on this site. You do realize that all World Cup teams are basically all-star teams, right? How do you think the Eagles would do against the NFC Pro Bowl team?

  9. Fuck soccer. Fuck it straight to hell.

    They’ve tried shoving that sport down our throat hardcore since the early 90’s and nobody really cares.

    It’s just another reason for fucking posers to get shitfaced and stupid when the World Cup comes around. It’s the equivalent of Cinco De Mayo. Most of the people who “celebrate” it don’t even know what the fuck they’re celebrating.

    1. Yea, how dare those soccer fans go out and enjoy something they enjoy? What’s so much fun about meeting up with friends and having drinks anyway??!Q?! And don’t get me started on meeting new people and making new friends. And discover new activities they enjoy. Ugg! They are the worst!

      Don’t they know it is so much more fun and cool to just complain all day with lazy sterotypes and lame jokes?!?!?!>!>q

      1. Ummm…that’s the crux of my argument, fuckwit.

        They are NOT “soccer fans.” They’re just posers who jump on any pop culture happening because they have nothing better to do.

        Just like the vast majority of Mumia Abu-Jamal protesters….

  10. And they Blew it. Well done Union. You carry the weight of Philly sports as good as the rest of the teams.

  11. I think soccer (or “futbol”) is cool because the majority of the US doesn’t like it. My other hobbies inspired by my hipster openness to international culture include infrequent bathing and eating cheese that smells like sweaty, diseased ballsack with a fine Port while discussing the latest Muse album with my cohorts.

    1. “The majority of the US doesn’t like it”? Hope your smarter at your job than you are about this. If you have a job.

      1. It’s awesome whenever a post questioning a person’s intelligence includes the word “you’re” spelled as “your”, isn’t it?

          1. soccer is terrible..

            watch a bunch of grown men trot around a field for 90 mins for it to end in a 0-0 draw.

            “no they are working the field”

            “you just don’t understand it”

            “they are sprinting the whole time, they are really running 20 milies a match”

            “NFL has breaks every 20seconds”

            All signs of a complete idiot

          2. Fact. Soccer is the most popular game in the world. According to you, they are all idiots. Please get over yourself. If you think the people that play it aren’t athletes, you need to get off the couch more often.

  12. PPL Park is like a small scale Atlantic City.

    A nice shiny showpiece building that promised to bring economic boom times to the slums just outside the front door, but failed to deliver.

    I predict that the Philadelphia Union will not survive many more years and PPL Park will significantly change its business model.

      1. I’m not that “Kelsey Grammer”…it’s a play on words fuckstick.

        But nice try.

        Are you the Bob of “Neil and Bob?” Or is that just what you do?

        1. What’s a fuckstick? Another play on words? Is that all you do is play with words? Nobody said PPL park was going to ‘save’ Chester but the players are paying wage taxes to Chester County so I’m pretty sure some of that $ is getting to Chester. Please don’t use terms like ‘business model’ when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          1. Please don’t talk about counties when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

            And a “fuckstick” is what I use to pleasure your significant other.

          2. Hey Bob…

            Nobody said PPL Park was going to “save” Chester?

            Read the article, asshole. In case you don’t have a long enough attention span, the first sentence is…

            “Far more than a mere sports arena, the Major League Soccer stadium was going to be the centerpiece of an economic renaissance for the struggling city of Chester….”

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