Photo Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Word spread yesterday that this morning we were going to see proof, via TMZ, that the NFL saw the Ray Rice elevator video the eventually got him suspended indefinitely from the NFL before handing down the initial two-game suspension on Rice. If we saw that, there was no way Roger Goodell could continue as commissioner. That’s not the case, however, yet Goodell should still resign.

Instead of finding out that the NFL saw the video and handed down a two-game ban anyway, we learned this morning from TMZ that Goodell and the NFL “never contacted the casino to request video.” TMZ continued:

Sources connected with the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City tell TMZ Sports … NO ONE from the NFL ever asked for the video inside the elevator … video that was compelling enough to get Rice instantly fired.

Sources who worked at the casino at the time of the incident tell us … if the NFL had asked for the video, they would have gladly complied.

Without video … Goodell blindly justified the initial 2-game suspension, based on the only evidence they had — from the two people in the elevator, who called it mutual combat.

What is even more baffling than the NFL’s half-assed investigation is that the police reportedly saw the video (and therefore so did prosecutors) yet Rice never really faced any jail time. And even without seeing the video, as a very dramatic Keith Olbermann (the only kind of Keith Olbermann) said yesterday, Goodell and many others involved have lost all credibility and should step down.