USA Today Predicts History’s Worst Record for the 2014-2015 76ers

Much like the Sixers' upcoming season, I do not know what is happening here. Photo Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
Much like the Sixers’ upcoming season, I do not know what is happening here.
Photo Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We all know last year’s Sixers team — removed from the context of “rebuilding” and “taking” — was very, very bad. We know this year’s team, similarly removed as to stand-alone, will probably be worse. But how much worse? Here’s what USA Today thinks:

2013-14 record: 19-63, missed playoffs

2014-15 projected record: 8-74, miss playoffs

Thanks for being clear about the playoffs, guys. Eight wins would best the 76ers — and NBA’s — worst record in history by one game, leaving them with a .099 win percentage. That is good enough for 30th in the totally made up USA Today Sports’ NBA Watchability Rankings. Well, USA Today, I will be watching a whole bunch of Sixers games this year, and I will let you know exactly how unwatchable they are, through a stream of tears of laughter hidden behind empty beer cans.

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13 Responses

  1. And have the Sixers lowered ticket prices since they are selling a very inferior product? Of course not. Hinkie should be ashamed.

  2. 8 wins??? Can I get that line on a legit gambling website? I would bet my and Kyle’s mom’s mortgage on the OVER. There is no way they don’t win double-digit games. No way. And I will be back here next spring to either let you know how much I won, or to eat my crow.

  3. If the sixers had started the season with the same team that they finished the season with, they may have broken the record last year.

  4. They had a historically bad losing streak last season yet somehow didn’t have the worst record. Shows how pathetic the Bucks were considering they had much more on court talent than the Sixers and still couldn’t put anything together. While 8 wins does seem unfathomable it probably won’t be too far off. They’ve lost their most productive player in Thad Young and added horrible offensive output in return (I’m looking at you Shved). As bad as they were last season, they still managed to beat the Heat in the season opener.

  5. I don’t care what this guy has to say until he gets on the court. If he turns into the next Bynum
    you won’t be laughing at this Tweets anymore.

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