Women’s Rights Group Plans to Fly #GoodellMustGo Banner over Tonight’s Eagles Game

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Women’s rights group Ultraviolet, as they have over a couple of other games this weekend (in Cleveland, New Jersey and San Francisco), plans to fly a #GoodellMustGo banner over LucasOil Stadium before tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Colts and Eagles. UltraViolet cofounder Nita Chaudhary said in a statement:

It is time for Roger Goodell to resign, and for the NFL to get serious about its commitment to ending violence against women within the league. In a country where a woman is battered every 9 seconds and 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, we simply cannot afford to have an NFL commissioner who doesn’t take this issue seriously.

Some agree. Some don’t. But this issue isn’t just going to go away, Stephen A., and if Goodell doesn’t resign, some all-encompassing changes have to be made so the Ray Rice and Greg Hardy-type people in the world aren’t glorified and praised and handed millions of dollars. And really, until Goodell does something about Greg Hardy, who was convincted of a crime (and is not-yet suspended while he appeals) and was only placed on the inactive list after the Carolina Panthers realized that everyone else noticed, we can’t even move on to the next step of him keeping his job or not.

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27 Responses

  1. I hope that plane goes down in a fiery crash.

    These butch lesbian feminists should all be locked away in some North Korean labor camp.

    1. National audience, brah. Also, the 70 thousand people going to the game get in the stadium from the outside — in a major city no less — so I think itll do its job.

      1. You idiot,there’s no way the espn executives will embarrass commissioner Goodell by showing that plane and furthermore you dope the last time I checked Indianapolis is far from being a major city.

      2. There is no way this goes on TV and with the roof closed it wont even cause a stir in the stadium. That being said this is being done by a women’s group so should we expect any different?

      3. It doesn’t matter if the 70,000 people going into the game see it or not.

        It doesn’t matter if it gets on TV or not.

        It does matter if media outlets across the country are reporting that there is an airplane flying over the stadium with a banner demanding that Goddell be fired. It’s about drawing attention that the league is trying to gloss over domestic violence.

        1. ding ding

          The fact that there will be a closed roof, at night means nothing.

          They are attracting media attention, not attention from a couple thousand people

  2. I wish I could give you all a great big hug right now. You’re all first round draft picks to me.

    1. Thank you commissioner for getting serious about conclusions. I suffered several concussions while working as a contract laborer building Lincoln Financial Field. When the Lurie’s found out about this they generously gave me free tickets to a Temple Game ( I payed the $40 for parking) and A $50 Coors Light Gift Certificate good for one free beer.

  3. We need a woman commissioner. That will be the last step in the ruination of the NFL. We need to finish the job the Goodell started.

  4. Don’t forget to wear pink to the October 5 Rams game. We’re gonna have a Pink out. Jeff and I have finally rid the stadium of the old rift raft from the Vet. We now have a stadium full of metrosexuals. We’re so proud of our effeminate fan base. Thank you all!

    1. You haven’t got all the riff raft out yet Christina. While at the last home game a brute sitting behind me spilled some of his spritzer on my polo shirt and to top it off never offered to pay for cleaning! I also noticed people in the parking lot drinking Rolling Rock. What kind of low class slum house are you running there?

      1. I take all fan complaints seriously . You’re comment has been referred to our PR Department but I can tell you this right now. You’ll be receiving 2 free tickets to Temples next home game ( you’ll be responsible for the $40 parking fee and all applicable taxes) along with a $50 coors light gift certificate good for one free beer at the stadium! Have fun!

        1. I appreciate the generous offer but my boyfriend and I cannot attend the Temple game because we will be prancing in a Pride parade that Saturday. Perhaps you could just pay the cleaning bill for my shirt?

          1. I’m afraid I can’t do that, but I am going to direct our PR person to send you a coupon good for $5 off your next purchase at Foreman Mills. Enjoy.

  5. It will be interesting to see how much play this gets on TV, or how much time the plane actually gets in Linc airspace.

    If memory serves the airspace over The Linc is considered “Class B airspace” for PHL, and a small private plane may not get the necessary clearances to fly there very often.

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