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But once again, Eagles fans are “out of control.”

At last week’s Giants/Cowboys game at Jerry Jones’ billion-dollar game room, a Cowboys fan was knocked to the ground and had his jaw broken for seemingly no reason at all. Oscar Rangel was chanting “Let’s Go Cowboys” on the concourse of their home stadium when someone hit him from the side and broke his jaw, and knocked a GoPro camera off of his hat (why wear that?). Rangel thinks it was a Giants fan who didn’t care for his cheering, but the short clip of footage after the jump doesn’t really show who was responsible. Either way, Oscar is eating out of a straw, unable to work for the next six weeks, and faces medical bills and several trips to the oral surgeon. But then again, we booed Santa Claus. So that’s basically the same thing.

h/t @JHU_Philly