A Slimeball New York Blogger Made a Video about Horrible Eagles Fans

Email from reader Matt:

I consider it your job to respond to this shit.

So I just wanted to say good luck and we’re all counting on you.

Love the site, by the way.

– Matt

Matt, it’s not worth the time and energy to trash whatever greasy, slimy, lives-in-his-mother’s-basement New Yorker who only ever saw a breast on Showtime because his mom set the parental lock on their shitty RCN broadband made this. It’s just not worth it. Or, you know, you can just do it yourself:

That said, after the jump is a compilation of greasy, slimy New Yorkers beating the shit out of opposing fans (and each other), and crying, that were easily found with a 60-second YouTube search.

I’m beyond excited for BLACKOUT GAME, but seriously don’t condone fighting in the stands. Have a good time, people. Trash talk and laugh, and then everyone can go back to their miserable existences.


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  1. Eagles are a fugazze 4-1. Eli will be throwing all over those weak cb’s baby.
    31-21 giants


    1. You don’t get enough attention at home??
      Why the fuck are u on a Philly sports blog website?? Lol

      1. Don’t forget that POS Arthur constantly calls 94wip and 97.5 the fanatic,with his incoherent gibberish.

        1. That’s not even Arthur, it’s a fake. The easy way to tell is due do him spelling too many words correct and making a half legible sentence.

  2. I thought I got rid of this trash when I scammed the yuppies into paying personal seat licenses, $40 to park and $10 for a beer. Guess I’ll have to raise prices again to keep the riff raff out.

    1. Don’t forget to tell them about the jersey sale at the Eagles shop on the main concourse. You can get a “pinkout” jersey and a “blackout” jersey for $390! That’s $10 off! We do offer financing at a fairly low interest rate.

    2. Why don’t you come up with a new sandwich? How about a toasted gourmet hotdog on a toasted bun wrapped in toast burnt to a crisp. Call it the Carey Williams and charge $50 bucks for it

  3. Man, that live in a basement comment really sounds like it came from a place of personal experience

  4. I can’t wait until Sunday Night . I’ll get to see two hours of commercials with an hour of football thrown in. I only hope that Ed Hoculi does the game so there’s a flag every other play.

  5. I’m thinking about taking Mr Chuck Knoxx out to the parking lot to tear his eyes out and fingerfuck his skull.

  6. 20 cent shady hasn’t gotten going yet. Maybe it’s the struggling line , he’s hurt or he’s done but he’s averaging just 2.9 yards per carry. The Eagles’ defense is also one of the NFL’s worst. Giants 34-17!!!!

    1. Here’s the deal,
      Shady has a 2.9 yard average per carry
      Shady has 33 carries of zero yards or less….(you read that right)
      Shady got a big head from last year
      Shady didn’t work hard in the offseason, instead he partied and made stupid commercials.
      Shady lost a step.
      Shady can’t break arm tackles which he regularly did last year.
      Shady is finished, kaput, done.
      It couldn’t happen to a better guy. 2000 yards ROFL
      Time to give Chris Polk some carries.

  7. Fake email, no reader would trust Kyle responding to anything after that horrible Penguins eulogy.

    1. Yo Dave, what’s up? Rich Hunter and I were just talking about you. You wanna meet us, Chad McConnell, and Dave Doster for some lunch sometime?

  8. Who cares?

    This guy is a fraud and lives in Michigan according to his Twitter. He’s probably escaping his reality of living in some Hellscape like Flint and openly roots for the Tigers and Red Wings, because he’s some scumbag bandwagon fan who fell in love with Eli off his lucky super Bowl performances.

    Don’t give this guy a second thought or a minute of exposure.

  9. Chuck Cockxx won’t be winning any awards for editing…..don’t worry Chuck, the world still needs fluffers for the glory hole scenes.

  10. Garbage fans exist everywhere.

    Can’t wait for Sunday.

    The guy that made the above video can go fuck himself…in the face…with a nine iron.


  11. Eagles DB’s can’t stop Odell beccham & foles sucks . Worst 4-1 team in football lol

      1. Dad? Where have you been since 1996? I am still waiting for that bag of dorito’s you said you were going out to get me.

  12. I mean, from any objective standard. this dude’s video montage just sucks. Weak sauce, bro.

  13. Mike, I told you that. I explained it to Howard on the phone Saturday morning. Exactly what I told Sean on yesterday. No, Harry agreed with me. Brian doesn’t know what he is talking about. Phil gave me thirty minutes to get my point across.

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