Apropos of Nothing, Here’s Ruben Amaro Sitting on the Floor at Tampa International Airport

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.55.15 PM

A reader sent in this picture of Ruben Amaro at Tampa International Airport, waiting for a flight to Miami. Game 7 of the World Series tonight and the Phillies’ GM is cuddled up with his carry-ons on an airport floor. Somehow, this is a metaphor for the current state of baseball in Philadelphia.


11 Responses

  1. I’d rather see creepy, grainy pictures of the worst GM in baseball than video of Jim trying to play basketball in his sweatpants designed for 12 year old girls.

  2. As this cheap champagne stings my eyes while me and my teammates celebrate yet another world series championship,I just can’t help myself but to ask how’s trade working out for ya Rube?

  3. wouldn’t it be quicker to drive from Tampa to Miami? Surely he can afford a limo of some sort

  4. I hope someone recognized him that was a Phils fan, walked up & kicked him in the balls. That way he could feel our pain. Hope he flew coach.

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