Bradley Cooper Talked those Eagles Hype Videos with Jimmy Fallon

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Starting at about the 15-minute mark in the video after the jump, Bradley Cooper talks to Jimmy Fallon about his Eagles visor and the voice overs he did for the Eagles’ hype videos. Cooper said Jeff Lurie asked him personally to do it as a favor, and it took him about 90 minutes to run through the voiceovers for all of the Eagles’ opponents. Now that he’s doing theater in New York, Cooper says he realized from the reaction of Giants fans that he’s going to make enemies in the hometowns of the Eagles’ upcoming opponents — Dallas, Denver, Green Bay, etc. — since he’s surely got some choice lines in the voiceovers for those upcoming videos too. The Roots still have his back though.


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  1. Had to sit through three adds before the video played…already not worth it…

    When do they play Denver again?

    Fallon and Cooper are both awesome.

    Fucking amateurs.

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  3. Two errors on the site today and neither of them updated. Way to go Jim, keep being mediocre, or as you would say meatyoker.

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