Charles Barkley Tried to be Too Fat to be Drafted by the 76ers

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After failing miserably at a game of charades on Monday night’s the Tonight Show, Charles Barkley shared a story about how he got fat on purpose well before he got fat by accident. According to Barkley, he didn’t want to get drafted by the 76ers because they didn’t pay well. Charles told Jimmy Fallon that the 76ers brought him in before the draft and he weighed 292 lbs. and asked him to weigh 285 lbs. on the day before the draft. After working out and getting down to 280 lbs., Barkley’s agent told him the Sixers likely wouldn’t pay much for his one-year rookie deal, and with only a few days left before the draft:

In a bid to make himself undesirable before the drafting, he ate two Grand Slam breakfasts from Denny’s totaling 1,660 calories, went to lunch at Red Lobster gobbling down every hush puppy in sight, and feasted on two T-bone steaks for dinner … He then repeated the menu the following day before flying to Philadelphia for his final weigh-in. After his non-stop feeding session Barkley managed to bulk up his 6ft 6in frame to 302lbs.

Of course the Sixers drafted him anyway, and Charles continued to make a few too many trips to Denny’s over his career.


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  1. jim… this is old news. he has told this story hundreds of times.

    still not your worst blog post though.

    1. You beat me to it. Heard him tell this numerous times. I dont know why I keep checking this site expecting actual relevant content. I must enjoy being let down.

  2. are you kidding me with this? Are you going to break the news that AI was in Friday’s on city line ave before the ‘practice’ press conference next? You suck.

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    Fuck him!!!

    1. Really, “James Earl Ray”? You jump on here calling him racist and use that handle? You’re a bag of dicks.

        1. More mindless racism.

          Kyle, you should really make users register a name and then ban them for spewing such vitriol as Mr. Ray.

    2. wow….this racist fuck doesn’t get moderated for dropping the N word? Kyle, you need to work on your filters. Just because you drop the “er” doesn’t make it any better shithead.

  4. How pathetic is it when Harry Mayes directs you to his producer Joe Y’s twitter account bragging about NBA winners. Naturally when you go to the account it directs you to another location to pay for picks.

  5. A 50yr old Barkley is better than the slop the current Sixers have at power forward.

    Why is Brandon Davies on this team he flat out stinks.

  6. I find nothing racist with James Earl Ray’s comments. What I do find is Jim being the racist one – basically calling Charles Barkley a fat, lazy black man.

    He would never say this about Nick Foles. I think the NAACP would be interested to hear this story.


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