Come Chat with Tony Bruno at High Noon

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You may have read in the Daily News this morning about Tony Bruno diving head-first into podcasting. Indeed he is. In fact, we’re going to be teaming up with him. Tony’s new show will debut next Monday, October 13, and will be recorded live at the Jug Handle Inn at 7 p.m. And this week, we’re relaunching our Crossing Streams Podcast… with special guest Tony Bruno. We’ll be combining efforts to cross-promote our shows and sell advertising. Both shows will be their own independent venture and live on this site and Bruno’s new site,, but they will also be posted at a separate, soon-to-be-launched landing page. Our goal is too eventually partner with other quality shows to form a network of podcasts that provide a great alternative to sports talk radio.



Anyway, Tony will be stopping by at 12 today so you can Ask Him Anything in the comments. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him, and judging by the amount of Tweets and emails I get about him, you have some questions.

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29 Responses

  1. How does Tony feel about the Fanatic continuing to use his drops/sound bytes and comment on him on a consistent basis?

  2. Me and my man are going to Mexico to hit some nude beaches, I need to air out the cottage cheese some. What does Tony think my man should smear on his penis head to keep it from burning in the sun? Whatever Tony uses for his head should work fine.

  3. Best of luck to Tony and you. I think a Philly Sports Podcast will do well.

    I have experience with podcast editing so if you need a hand I would love to help.

  4. One of Tony’s great rips. When he was a sportscaster on a music station in the 1980’s he opined as to why Mike Schmidt took the last two weeks off of a season as he had a sore ankle. Tony said Schmidt had to rest it, even during the last two weeks of the baseball season because it would look bad walking the beaches of Maui in November with a limp. Classic

  5. Tony, do you find it extremely hypocritical that Kyle forced us to stop making comments about K@cie McD0nnell because she is “only 22 and has a family,” yet he had no problem posting pictures of Cody Asche and Jesse Biddle’s girlfriends (who are not on TV) and asked us all which one we’re more sexually attracted to?

  6. Tony is awesome, can’t believe the “talent” on 97.5, Jon and Sean, Phil from Mt Airy, they fucking suck. I wish Tony and Harry would jump ship to WIP .

  7. Tony, do you find it quite ironic that Kyle created an entire post about how most of his readership was “unable to objectively analyze Villanova basketball,” even though anyone with eyes could see that last year’s team wasn’t all that good and they ended up only winning one game in the NCAA tournament? Isn’t this also even more rich because he accuses Flyers fans of being sheep?

  8. Tony, did The Fanatic not care about your appearances on Olberman when negotiating your new contract? I assume you tried to make that a large leverage point that blew up in your face.

  9. Tony, do you find this very telling that instead of hiring someone with actual sports knowledge or at least someone with opposing viewpoints as a second writer Kyle hired a “yes man,” who is a carbon copy of himself as a wannabe hipster who doesn’t know that much about how sports actually works?

  10. Tony, do you remember when Kyle used to talk about how great of a GM Ruben Amaro was and whenever anyone had an opposing view point that cited advanced statistics, he would dismiss them as a “SABR nerd?”

  11. Tony, did you overestimate the demand for your services seeing that no radio station offered you a position? Being one of a million internet podcasts seems like a big step down from an on air gig in a major market.

  12. Tony,

    What are your thoughts on LeSean McCoy’s recent struggles? Do you think he’ll turn it around? I’ve got him on my fantasy team, and i intend on starting him till his legs fall off.

    Glad to have you back on microphone.

  13. Really excited about this collaboration! Crossing broad and TB are going to start running this town. Can’t wait for the podcast!

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