Connor Barwin Gave Bill Clinton a Connor Barwin Jersey

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We don’t know where, we don’t know why, and we’re not sure how, but Connor Barwin ran into Bill Clinton and gave him a Connor Barwin jersey. On top of having a great season and notching three sacks against the Giants (and being a fellow NRG partner– almost making us best friends), Barwin frequently comes off as having the most interesting haircut life on the Eagles.

Barwin met Clinton yesterday — maybe at a fundraiser in Lawrenceville, NJ — they shared some words, and Barwin gifted him with a jersey. We sure hope it wasn’t Barwin’s size (or even Bill’s size in his Governor years), but now the Eagles love can be spread throughout the whole family. He still wouldn’t be the most iconic person to rock the best looking Eagles gear though.


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  1. Insufferable hipster douchebag Jim Adair posting a story about insufferable hipster douchebag Conor Barwin. What a great day.

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