Crossing Streams (Episode 23): Chip Kelly Expert Mark Saltveit


Our recurring friend Kevin Matuszak and I talk to Chip Kelly expert, author, sports writer and Harvard grad Mark Saltveit, who wrote the lengthy profile on Chip for last month. He’s also written a book about Chip, The Tao of Chip Kelly, and has another one coming out next spring. Mark may literally know more about Chip kelly, both the person and football coach, than anyone in the media. We go deep discussing Chip’s coaching philosophies, his progressive, business-like approach to running a football team, and his not-so-thrilled reaction when he learned about the profile.

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Show notes:

Mark’s Chip Kelly profile:

Mark’s book, The Tao of Chip Kelly:

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The first Tony Bruno Show Podcast LIVE from the Jughandle Inn, Cinnaminson NJ!

Special guests, Kyle Scott from, Andrew Siciliano – NFL Sunday Ticket, David Boreanaz – Actor and Hockey Lover, Brian Baldinger – NFL Network, Twitter Genius – Joe Corrado aka @Corrado_19, and the one and only Jose from Norristown (who declared that he will no longer be calling into 97.5)!

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