David Boreanaz Narrates Flyers Pre-Season Pump-Up Video, Not Well

I appreciate what the Flyers are trying to do here, and yeah, it moved a little when they showed that Desjardins goal… but something something Malvern Prep grad Bones isn’t as good of a narrator for the Flyers as Bradley Cooper was for the Eagles. I’m team Coop’s Video all the way here, but maybe that’s just because hockey players reading from a script sound like a Speak ‘n Spell* trying to recite the Gettysburg Address. Fo. Or. Sc. Or. N. Se. Ven. Year. S. AGO.

*Jesus fucking Christ, kids today have iPads and we had this goddamn thing. 

H/T to (@PhillyLaFleur)


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  1. That sucked. Can’t the Eagles free up someone in the bye week to show the Flyers how to make a motivational video. All that video made me think about was how many little ways the Flyers have changed their uniforms and how fully uninspiring Vinny L is.

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