DeSean Jaccson Helped His Redskins Beat the Cowboys, Reminds Fans There’s Absolutely an “I” in Team

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The Cowboys lost last night, dropping them to 6-2 and into a loss-column tie with the Eagles. Their run atop the division lasted, precisely, 28 hours.

The Birds owe a big thanks to DeSean Jaccson, who caught six passes for 136 yards and reminded everyone that a GREAT TEAM WIN is always best encapsulated with a highlight video of yourself.


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  1. There’s no “I” in team but there’s damn sure a “me”.

    Maclin has exceeded DeSeans level of play at the same position this year. Our problem is the #2 WR. Riley Cooper is the suck.

    1. It would sure help to have both Maclin AND Jackson as two actual deep threats. I don’t care if you take him out when we get into the 20. It isn’t like we have him in now and he is hurting us. We gave him up and got nothing..


      Not a single thing

    1. Cowboys are still the best team in the division, and it’s not even close. Tell me when the eagles beat a good team.

        1. Colts? Are you serious? First of all, the refs handed that game to the eagles. The eagles far from won it. Second, the Colts just got their doors blown in by a bad steelers team. Try again.

      1. But the cowboys lost at home to a 2-5 team with a third string QB and rookie DB’s is your point irrelevant

  2. It’s not bragging if you can do it.

    He’s still one of the top receivers in the NFL and can turn a game around on his own. Good for him. He’s a good guy and had a good game.

    1. Actually, that’s exactly what bragging is, to say or do something in a boastful manner. That being said, he’s obviously still a good, if one dimensional, player in the league. Good for him and good for the Washington football team, and good for us last night.

  3. How ’bout dem Redskins! I always knew Cousins wouldn’t get it done! RG III won’t either when he comes back. What a stupid draft pick. He’s too frail to make it in the NFL. He was frail in college, but never really got hit.

  4. Eagles fans knew Jacc was a big asshole long before he was let go. They never said anything because he was always making big plays. Now that he’s gone, they put their anger at stupid management on him! HaHa!

  5. When did he change the spelling of his name to “Jaccson”? Jesus Christ, Kyle! Get it together! At least try to seem semi-professional.

    1. Kyle is still pushing the “Jackson is a gang member” storyline. Pretty much the only person in America still working the angle.

      But it is kind of confusing since they misspell so many other words on this site. “Cal Ripkin” was a personal favorite of mine. And Victornio. And yesterday had “feeding the rolls”.

  6. Eagles go to Houston, win big and Dallas loses another close one to Arizona at home, putting Philly back in first. Then we head home to win on Monday night against Carolina, putting us back in the driver’s seat.

  7. Guy has more 40 yd plays than our entire team. Yeah, he’s a punk ass, but we would undoubtedly be a better offense with him still in the fold. No debate.

    1. I couldn’t hit him deep anyway as I am constantly adding 5 -10 yards on my throws with my rapidly retreating footwork.

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