Doc Emrick Is Awesome: Drops on in to Penn State’s New Hockey Arena Just for the Heck of It

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Doc Emrick motored in to Happy Valley for no particular reason today. He was dragging himself along from Pittsburgh on up to Newark after calling the Flyers’ victory over the Penguins when he decided he would saunter on in to the Pegula Ice Arena to scope Penn State’s new hockey home. He simply craved a tour:

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I’m sure the folks at PSU were happy to shuffleboard him along at their new digs.

Now seems like a great time for the Doc Emrick soundboard.

Fun Doc Emrick story: I may have told this before, but the first game after the lockout in early 2013 I was at a urinal in the press box bathroom at the Wells Fargo Center when I heard a voice behind me screeching to no one in particular, “Good to be back in the saddle again!” It was a gleeful Doc, excited to be back calling games. I really, really wanted him to narrate the remainder of my piss – shoots it along the sidewall to avoid splash back, dribbles a little onto himself, zips up tight, torques the handle to flush, and skitters along to the sink – but I fought the urge to ask him. Anyway, the dude just loves to puck.

That’s my second-best famous voice encounter in a bathroom. The other one was Sean McDonough at a urinal at Villanova. He was on the phone and trash-talking his BC fan friend (the Cats were playing, a would go on to beat, BC that night). He then brushed his teeth in the sink. Public restroom. Weird guy overall, I think.


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  1. Have never understood peoples infatuation with Doc. Him and Pierre calling games is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  2. Yes, heard both those stories before. You post them on every single hockey related post that you create.

  3. Wow Kyle did a quasi interview over twitter… the reporting here is getting better!

    That said, Doc blows. Every other word when calling a game is ricochet.

  4. How bout the time you took Richards up the ass and Carter in the throat? Way better bathroom story!

  5. Judging by that Sandusky duster (san-duster) he’s wearing, he fits right in with the rest of the creeps there.

  6. I don’t know how anyone can walk into any Penn State athletic team’s locker room without getting a near paralyzing cold shudded.

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