Donovan McNabb’s Jersey Has Been Reduced to Scarecrow Use

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 3.49.09 PM

And thus begins an epidemic of poor little birds hurling themselves into the pavement at the feet of passersby.

Five may always love you, but I’m not so sure it’s reciprocal.

H/T to Ed

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17 Responses

      1. If you’re in on the joke the least you could do is give me a $1,000 marker at Parx Casino instead of spending it on bleaching your asshole.

      2. Hey douchebag.. take a break from ripping the best qb this town ever saw five years after he left and regale us again with how Steve Mason is a top five NHL goalie.

      3. insecure, thin skinned, demented…so many words to describe a jerk off like kyle…

      4. Nonsense, Kyle- You live in Horsham. This is at the east entrance of the Talamore development (GPS coordinates 40.191176,-75.192468; intersection of Talamore Drive and Tennis Avenue, Horsham, PA). You probably snapped the picture yourself, but don’t want to say so–cuz’ HATERS GONNA HATE–and maybe find the McMansion you call home!

        Sound the horn and release the hounds…the Kyle Scott Horsham Haters Address Hunt can begin…wait for it…


  1. There’s something not quite Politically Correct about that picture. I can’t put my finger on it but when I do, believe me, I’ll scream like a little girl!

    1. I know why your concerned . That isn’t an NFL licensed shirt. We didn’t get our cut. Is that it?
      By the way, I’d like to give you a big hug.

    2. I know what it is PC Policeman. Since this is an effigy of Donovan McNabb it MUST be a racist person behind it’s creation. Just like when any Philly sports fans ever criticized the man for killing worms with a football for apparently no reason, or tossing his cookies in the super bowl, or for not thinking he was one of the very best QB’s in the history of the world. All racist haters trying to bring a black man down. I’m sure, this has to be the same exact case here. Call 5, see what he thinks.

  2. What else are you going to do with it besides give the dog a bath? Anyone that wears it is a fuckin’ moron!

  3. I did a plumbing job in that neighborhood in ambler today. I definitely feel like the scarecrows were a little overkill.

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