Draft Kings’ Second Millionaire League of the Season is Coming This Weekend

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The people at Draft Kings rolled out their first millionaire league of the season last week — and the tweet of the winner, a new millionaire, was just about perfect — and this week, they’re doing another. Just like last week’s challenge (and the non-millionaire ones before it), you can pick anyone from this week’s matchups, excluding Thursday night, and put your best lineup together under a set salary cap. You’ll pick one QB, two RBs, three WRs, and one TE, Flex and Defense, and with an entry of just $27, you can win your share of a gigantic prize pool:

– $2,200,000 prize pool.
– First place wins $1,000,000
– $27 entry fee.
– Top 15,500 are paid.​
– Starts on Sunday, October, 12th at 1:00 EST.
– Salary Cap Style Drafting. $50,000 to select 9 spots. 8 players and 1 defense.
– Roster Format: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Defense.
– First time depositors at DraftKings receive a 100% bonus up to $600

For less than $30, you can put your best lineup together and take a chance at winning some very real, very big money. You can throw your team together in five minutes or take a few days to mull it over, but once 1 P.M. Sunday rolls around, it’s all up to the guys you picked. You can even pick multiple lineups if you want to up your chances. You just have to CREATE YOUR TEAM. You can get to picking your team (and second guessing yourself) right over here.


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  1. nobody cares, you hipster homeaux. get back to fetching coffee for mister “six figures” before he refuses to snowball you for your insolence.

    1. The post serves no purpose other than to try and get people to click the affiliate link and deposit.

  2. Every time you hear that somebody won $100,000 on draft kings, it means that a bunch of other people lost over $100,000 collectively on draft kings.

  3. This is the type of shit that pays Jim’s salary….that and blowing Kyle (and swallowing the cum, of course).

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