Eagles vs. Cowboys Thanksgiving Halftime Show Will Feature Pitbull, You Changing the Channel


This Thanksgiving, the Eagles will play the most anticipated mid-season season game in a long time, against the now 6-1 Dallas Cowboys. The mid-day matchup will be the culmination of all the “who’s better?” talk that kicked off once both teams hit 5-1. It may even feel more high tension than last year’s division-on-the-line Week 17 matchup. And halfway through that tension, you’ll see Pitbull.

Mr. Worldwide, the walking Bud Light commercial [Ed. note: I kind of like Pitbull.], will perform at halftime in Cowboys Stadium, just in time for you to explain to your relatives why that guy yelling in Spanish won’t take his damn sunglasses off.



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  1. I hope people continue to hate. Fuel the fire baby!!!
    Dallas is the most smash mouth team in the nfl. We dem cowboys, keep smashing the best rb in football Murray baby!!!!

    How bout dem cowboys!!!!!!!!

    1. I’ve never seen someone try to troll so hard on every comment section and get nothing reciprocated. We get it, you’re trying to start shit and no one is biting, just drop it for now jesus. We’re all concerned with how piss poor bad Jim is as a blogger, not the cowboys.

    2. Only reason youre a dallas fan is because you want attention. So you go ahead and root for the one team that eveeryone in this city hates… youre clearly not from texas so why are you rooting for them? Whats it like to have the giants score touchdowns on u? We wouldnt know.

    3. Nothing more sad than being a cowboy fan in Philly, mommy and daddy didn’t give you enough attention ? I know, you wanna be the biggest douche in the room so somebody will finally notice you. What a bitch.

  2. Is this guy known just for the Bud Light commercials? I remember seeing him in the Bud Light commercials during Flyers’ games thinking they had no clue who their audience is.

  3. This is five games away…a TON can happen between now and then, so to hype this game as two powerhouses clashing may be premature. Hell yes right NOW its the most anticipated game (here), but shit the Eagles have a tough stretch before Turkey Day.

  4. I didn’t like Pitbull until I heard his Howard Stern interview. Dude is a straight marketing genius. It’s def worth a listen.

  5. so the recipe for beeing famous is to dress like some dork from miami vice? i bet he gets tons of pussy too. its probably latino pussy, but pussy is pussy

  6. Pitbull and Kesha are my two guilty pleasures. When they came out with Timber last year LOOK OUT! Straight Fire.

    1. Pitbull, strike one, Ke$ha, strike two, the fact you said guilty pleasure, strike three. Guilty pleasure? What guy says that? What are you a fat dieting woman talking about chocolate while eating special k? You’re starting to sound like Kyle talking about Jeff carter.

  7. the Leagues gotta keep those Dallas latino fans interested….showing how “hip” they are.

    just put Cheech Marin in the booth with Troy and Joe Buck.

    Oye como va…..

  8. “Pitbull” sucks ass. Who names themselves pitbull anyway? What a fucking waste of time. I’ll watch the cooking channel at halftime first.

  9. Has the NFL ever considered using someone who actually, writes and plays their own music? Fuck this constant use of non-talented entertainers. I want to see Iron Reagan, Power Trip, High on Fire or even Inter Arma as the half time entertainment.

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