Former Redskin Chris Cooley is Tired of DeSean Jaccson Being a Terrible Blocker

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Culture wins football: Although this was the first week we’ve seen the whole team do it, we know Chip Kelly likes his players to play a complete game. He want his special teams to return and block, needs his defense to cover and penetrate, and — in a system where you constantly see O-linemen sprinting downfield to block for backs and receivers — he’d like his receivers and backs to be able to block. Or, at least be willing to do so. DeSean Jaccson doesn’t fit that mold.

It’s something we saw often when DeSean was here, but Redskins fans are just beginning to get a taste of it. Not only can DeSean not block, but he’d rather not even try. And now, it’s pissed of Chris Cooley.

Cooley said on his show on ESPN 980 in D.C.:

“Do not allow number 11 to ever be involved in blocking for screens, blocking for bubbles, picking for players in the pass game, [or] run plays to his side of the line of scrimmage. He WILL NOT TRY on them. Do not put him in in those situations.

Find another way to break that tendency, but don’t risk losing a play just because you think 11 might try. Unless he’s going to say ‘I’ll make a legitimate commitment,’ do not put him in on those plays. It was costly in four or five different situations where plays could have been better.”

Cooley specifically mentioned the play seen above, where DeSean lackadaisically placed his hands in the general vicinity of a cornerback and got swiftly pushed aside. Compare that to a clip that Eliot Shorr-Parks pointed out, of our own number 11, Josh Huff, holding a strong and steady block as Darren Sproles cuts around the outside for a touchdown run. That is what the Redskins probably want DeSean to do. That is what DeSean will not do.

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18 Responses

  1. He’s a fuckin’ little pussy ass nigga afraid to get hurt. He takes after that other fuckin’ pussy ass nigga Deion Sanders who was the fuckin’ king at avoiding contact with the defense!

  2. Their first mistake was signing him. Their second mistake was expect him to initiate physical contact with another player. Their third mistake will be not cutting him when he tells the world, “RG II is worser den McNubb #1of1 #realtalk #disdudesux”.

  3. Yeah man good riddance DeSean Jackson! I mean his blocking was so terrible last year that it really hindered the Eagles rushing attack. They definitely didn’t lead the entire NFL in rushing last year or anything.

    The offense is way better off having Riley Coopper staring opposite Maclin than it would’ve been had we paired Maclin with Jackson. Thank god we dodged that bullet, right guys???

    1. Dawwwww. Look at the little troll.

      The run game last year could have had something to do with the 1 man game lost to injury on the offensive line, but that could just be the common sense talking.

      But hey, DeSean has had a lot to with the vaunted Washington run attack, right?

      Oh wait, what’s that? They’re 1-5? Well shit. #jaccpot

      1. That’s the point, asshat. The Eagles don’t need good blocking WRs because they have a great offensive line and running back. The Eagles running game sucked when guys on the o line got hurt which shows that having Cooper there to block doesn’t make much of a difference.

        1. WR blocking mattered when my block sprung Darren Sproles for the TD last week. If Jaccpot was out there blocking it woulda been a 2 yard loss. #Checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself

        2. So having a guy to throw a deep ball to while Foles is behind THAT SAME injured offensive line is supposed to help? I understand your argument if the line is healthy, but it’s not.

          And it’s kind of hard for a WR to block effectively downfield when the running back can’t even get to the second level because of said offensive line, dick cheese.

          1. They didn’t decide to cut DeSean when the offensive line was hurt, dickwad. They cut him before the season started. And kirk cousins doesn’t seem to have any problem completing deep balls to DeSean behind a line that sucks besides Williams. In case you didn’t notice, he has 479 yards and 3 TD’s this year. The skins suck because they have no defense and their QB got hurt not because Desean jackson doesn’t block. The Eagles were able to win a division title and have the best running attack in the league with him as a WR. If you think Riley Cooper is a better starting WR than DeSean, you’re fucking nuts.

          2. I never said Cooper was better you fuck sac. Of course I’d rather have DJax catching deep balls. Of course, I’d also rather not have a piece of shit wide receiver who doesn’t block and constantly thinks he’s underpaid.

            And as many yards and tds as he has this year, his team is 1-5, and pretty soon Djax is going to gripe about money and losing.

            Just stop with the uptight, dickstick “I hate kool aid drinkers” talk and understand that this team is 5-1 and will be fully healthy when Seattle and the Cowboys come to town.

  4. Whatever whatever all I know is that the Eagles were better off keeping DeSean Jackson.

    When they lose 3 of 4 to the Cardinals,Packers and Texans because their receivers suck,you same haters will be calling my weekend show on 97.5 the fanatic crying about how the receivers suck,and they have no deep threat.

    For now go ahead haters and do what you guys do best and that is hating(ungrateful douchebags).

    1. Yo Phil, what’s it like to know that Al Sharpton will never respond to your love letter because he has better black people to see than you?

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