UPDATE: “Gerry Bertier” Says “[F] the Cowboys”


Ryan Hurst — the actor known to Sons of Anarchy fans as Opie and everyone else as Gerry Bertier — was recently stopped by TMZ and obviously wanted no part of it. That is until the interviewer asked if he still followed football and then called the Cowboys “America’s Team.” Hurst turned around, threw one finger in the air (a different one than above) and warmed our hearts by saying “F*ck the Dallas Cowboys. Eagles all day.” He then told the woefully underprepared TMZ cameraman who asked who his inspiration for Bertier was that it was Randall Cunningham, when Gerry Bertier was actually a real person. And it’s a great day for this all to come out, because is there really any better “Culture Wins Football” movie than Remember the Titans?

UPDATE: Or, this would be great if it was Ryan Hurst, which it apparently isn’t. Having not watched Sons of Anarchy (apparently just like everyone at TMZ), he looked enough like Hurst to me, but it’s just some random dude (probably) who looks like Hurst (kinda) saying “F*ck the Dallas Cowboys,” a sentiment which we still fully support. TMZ got this one wrong, and Ryan Hurst’s die-hard fans (who exist) are furious.

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6 Responses

  1. Anyone listening to 97.5 right now? John and Sean are bitching why no one likes their show.


    They’re losing sleep at night cause of Crossing Broad commenters. They need to get more hate phone calls.

  2. For all your hard work on this site, I’m going to sponsor $1000 for you to take a trip to Liberia Jim.

  3. I don’t scratch my head unless it itches and I don’t dance unless I hear some music. I will not be intimidated. That’s just the way it is.

  4. Avon was a much better LB than Bertier. He also woulda chalked up that car accident like a beast…and then banged his girlfriend. slut

  5. video taken down from tmz site, cant find it anywhere. someone better have a copy for the next eagles pump up video. that shit better be stored on old school reels in the basement of nfl films by sundown.

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