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The vortex of Flyers past opened tonight.

First Mike Richards scored the game-tying goal that would eventually send things to overtime tied 2-2. Then his trade counterpart, Brayden Schenn, proved that when you shoot the puck at the goalie enough, both of them will eventually go in the net. Like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone, if you keep wishing for something to happen, it probably will.

Schenn fired his hardest (with a little help from a stick check) into Jonathan Quick, who, along with the puck, slid across the goal line [GIFs may take a second to load]:


“I made my family disappear. I made my family disappear!”

Schenn was so happy it finally worked! that he did a weird happy dance and then, for some reason, punched Drew Doughty in the stomach:


“Drew baby– I scored one in! I’m on the rooster!”

The vortex spun up as Schenn and Richards briefly chatted about Schenn becoming the next Mike Richards fourth line center who was almost bought out… and discussed if Schenn pushed Quick into the net:

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"No goal. No fucking goal."

“No fucking goal.”



“Bastard shot the whole goalie into the net!”



“I won two Stanley Cups and will probably win another but I’m going to swing my stick like a big baby not old enough to play at Avon Old Farms, Pierre McGuire!”

Matt wonders how this rage is even possible:

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I don’t know, Matt! I don’t know! Only thing I can think is he’s mad that he’ll be the guy who goes down in the record books as the goalie Brayden Schenn was finally able to shoot into the net.

3-2, good guys.