Here’s a Flyers Video to Get You Pumped Up… for October Hockey

Not gonna lie– I forgot the Flyers started tonight until I checked their schedule last night. To be fair, I also pretty much forgot it’s October too, which says more about my mental state than it does my sports fandom. Anyway, besides the Eagles, it’s been months since we’ve had meaningful sports in our lives. So welcome back, hockey.

video via Chris Brennan


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  1. New year same shit for the mediocre Flyers.

    One & done in the playoffs,but yet the orange kool-aid drinking Flyers fans will say the year was a success because they reached the playoffs.

    After 40 years of the same nonsense,when are you Flyers fans gonna say enough is enough?

    1. Curious as to what the alternatives are for Flyers fans? Should they just stop watching hockey all together? Should they kill Ed snider? The flyers have won 2 titles more recently than the eagles have won anything, but no one tells them to give up on the team.

    2. Flyers fans aren’t fair-weather fans. What do you suggest they do?

      The worst season in franchise history they sold out 97% across the season according to ESPN (2007 season).

      They have the most loyal fan base in the city.

      So whatever, I guess being a real fan, a loyal fan (through good and bad) is now synonymous with “kool-aid drinking”

  2. As we enter our FORTIETH YEAR cupless can we admit we look like a bunch of assholes getting “flyered up”? It’s so boring

    1. The eagles are currently their FIFTY FOURTH year without a championship. I guess people should stop getting pumped for eagles games too then huh?

      1. You Flyer sheep are so brainwashed by fast Eddie that if he announced the Flyers were having a parade down Broad st for simply making another token playoff appearance,you zombies would show up by the thousands.

        1. i so agree and i’m so over the flyers. they aren’t even trying. they still have emery. wtf?

  3. Kyle didn’t realize the Flyers were playing tonight, but I’m sure he was very aware that Cartsy and the Kings are playing tonight.

  4. Please tell me none of you losers will be at the Flyers games this year. Because as soon as playoffs DO roll around, you will all jump right back on the band wagon. Talk about sheep. Either support your team or shut the fuck up. So sick of everyone’s dooms day attitude. None of you know a damn thing about hockey anyway and you can all kiss my ass. Lets Go Flyers!

    1. Why would I support a team whose first line can’t even compete with a third or fourth line of most other NHL teams? Go back and sip your orange-aid, you numb-nut jerkoff.

      1. I guess a first line center who was 3rd in the league in points last year, and has scored the most points of any player over the past 3 years, can’t compete with the rest of the NHL.

        Not saying they are gonna win it all this year, but their forwards are not the problem, and you sound like a douchebag saying that.

      2. That’s really funny. What do you base that genius, bullshit statement off of?

        Even without a consistent LW on the first line, they were still a top 15 line in the NHL last year, you stupid wetback.

      3. Haha what they said ^…. Mull you are a fair weather fan. I bet your favorite teams are the Yankees, the LeBron Jameses, Penguins and Cowboys. King douche

    2. don’t forget your towel. “lookit mr. snider gave me…an orange towel! yay!”

  5. Kyle,
    I just finished listening to the Tony Bruno podcast interview and it was great. Very informative and entertaining. I liked how Tony explained the inside story of how traditional radio works with the ratings systems and what he expects with the podcasts going forward. Kudos to you guys and best of luck.

      1. You are welcome. Tony Bruno came across as amazing. For a 62 year old guy that has been in the sports radio business for 40 years, it was refreshing to hear his take on the current media landscape. What I think I took off the interview is that he’s a pretty smart guy. I understand why you would want to do business with him.

  6. Go watch a bunch of criminal monkeys chase each other around a field you assholes, I’ll watch the mostly white guys on ice, fuck a you

  7. october flyers hockey.

    pros: watching hockey.

    cons: seeing the idiots who bought the fake winter classic jerseys still wear them to games, basically admitting “I’m an asshole who bought a fake jersey”.

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