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There are subtle clues here – the giant illustrated head of Ron Hextall with the 90s era Itech mask and the “1HEXY” license plate, for example – which indicate the owner of this super chill truck is a Ron Hextall fan. Upon deeper inspection, you notice Hexy’s airbrushed-dome is backgrounded by two crossed goalie sticks. The dates on the crossed sticks? 12-8-87 and 4-11-89, which, of course, are the two dates on which Hextall parted the heavens and achieved hockey immortality… by scoring goals on empty nets, accomplishments that are very deserving of being celebrated in airbrush form. The tagline “Lightning Strikes Once, Hextall Strikes Twice” also honors those two goals, while bumper memorials — the best kind of memorials — to Pelle Lindbergh and Barry Ashbee remind drivers to remember those who came before us. Mongrel.