Here’s Mark Sanchez Making Fun of How Pale Nick Foles Is

What do your Eagles quarterbacks talk about when the defense and special teams are just keeping the offense off the field? If this brief clip from the Inside the NFL edit of last week’s game is any indication, it’s mostly how pale Nick Foles is. Let this video remind you that the greatest job in sports — especially if you never have to go on the field — is backup QB.

Kyle: It’s like one of those McDonald’s Bad Lip Reading commercials. Only it’s real. Also, is it just me or does cocksmith Mark Sanchez seem like the alpha male here?

Full video here.


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17 Responses

  1. Nick Foles is a overrated piece of shit,puffed up by dumb ass Eagles fans who are drunk off the spiked green Eagles kool-aid.

  2. Just left Woodys gay bar & lounge and I spotted EJ from West Philly on some incognito shit proving he's a down low homo says:

    If you’re hanging out at a gay bar and you claim to be straight guess what you’re on the down low.

  3. How dare you make fun of American hero Michael Samm and his unnatural lifestyle…….oops…… did I say that out loud…….Please forgive me, I love my job of judging other people and ruining their lives because they have incorrect opinions.

  4. Word. Nicky Franchise is whiter than the whitest whitey white!

    I can’t believe I get paid to work on the radio!

  5. You’re an idiot if you’d take Foles over Kaepernick. I’m going to keep talking about this even though it has absolutely no bearing on anything whatsoever. I mean seriously, when the hell would the Eagles ever been in a position where they can decide betwen Foles and Kaepernick as their QB?

  6. boycott everything these two try to sell you, ask them how much they are making on their hall of fame trip?-just donate it to charity-both are money hungry bastards-how dare they!!!!

      1. He’s talking about those 2 scam artists Ray Didinger & Glenn Macnow.

        And btw if you never played pro football you shouldn’t be in the hall of fame Ray Didinger.

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