Hexy Does his Best Chip Kelly Impression, Talks to Philadelphia Business Journal about Analytics


Lots of Hextall coverage here the past few days: In the most recent issue of the Philadelphia Business Journal, reporter John George sat down with Flyers GM Ron Hextall to ask him about the business side of his new job. He talks to George about Howie Roseman’s radio show and if he’ll do one (“No, that’s not happening”), signing his son (“If his name wasn’t Hextall, we probably would’ve signed him earlier”), and more. But among Hexy’s most interesting answers is the one he gave to “Do you embrace these trends [of analytics]?”:

“I’ve always believed that you have to try to get better every day. If you are not into the analytics and sports science stuff you are going to get left behind. I like to think I’m cutting-edge and encourage our staff to be cutting-edge and come up with new ideas and thoughts. People ask how are the Flyers going to get better with no salary cap room. We have to get better other ways, internally whether it’s through science, diets, or strength and conditioning. There are areas where we can get better as an organization and as individuals.

That’s what our focus was this summer and what our focus should be every summer…. The hockey world has been dabbling in [analytics] for longer than people think. We have our staff working on sports-science stuff. Every player is different and every player’s body composition is different. Some players play more and some players play less. The days of the cookie-cutter programs and diets are things of the past.”

We could’ve told you that last paragraph was said by Chip Kelly and on one would have questioned us. I’m starting to think Hexy, Hinkie, and Chip should all get together somtime. Hexy and Chip can talk analytics, while Hinkie sits silently in the corner, smirking.

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