UPDATE: Howard Eskin Claims David Montgomery’s Cancer Was a “Convenient Excuse” to Push Him out and That John Middleton Is Taking Charge

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Howard Eskin reported tonight that, according to sources, David Montgomery’s leave absence for cancer was a misnomer and that he was actually “pushed out,” using his cancer as a “convenient story.” Howard, always with the inflammatory tone.

Eskin also said that – and you can probably guess what’s coming here – limited partner John Middleton, who has been the subject of quite a few reports this week, now has a 48% ownership stake in the team and is aggressively pursuing a majority ownership. As a limited partner, he can’t gain majority control without a unanimous vote, according to Eskin, who cited the recent owner deaths and Montgomery being “out” as a reason why Middleton is having an easier time buying up a larger chunk of the team.

I’m not sure what to make of this. Middleton’s name was in the news earlier this week, but his son – JOHN POWERS – denied most of those reports. I can’t tell if Eskin actually knows something, or if he’s just trumpeting what he’s read. His report basically comes down to: Middleton wants more control, which, ostensibly, isn’t news. Eskin, whose report could’ve doubled as an unnecessary hit piece on nice guy Montgomery, said that Middleton plans to run things, but leave baseball men like Pat Gillick in charge of the on-field decisions, which, according to Eskin, include eating Ryan Howard’s remaining salary in a trade, moving Chase Utley to first, and looking for suitors for Cole Hamels.

Eskin teased the shit out of this thing on Twitter, but there’s very little substance to his report other than that 48% number (we don’t know what it was before).

UPDATE: Audio of Eskin talking about it on WIP:

Video after the jump.

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  1. Eskin can kiss my black ass. Wolf fuck banned me from calling wip because 97.5 stepped to the plate invited me in to join the jon & Sean show.

  2. Good. This guy obviously wants change and is aggressive about it. Let me take over. Can’t do any worse.

    1. supposedly there is a story that after the 2009 WS loss to the yankees, middleton was walking through the club house and he was visibly disappointed. when he walked by ryan howard, howard asked him if he was ok. middleton agrily replied, “no, i am not ok! i want my fucking trophy back!” he then stormed out the door. hopefully, middleton acquires majority ownership and ends all of this mickey mouse show management and operations.

      1. Well said and 100% accurate according to Marc Farzetta of 94WIP. Accurate quote from our soon to be majority owner, John Middleton. He wants to win and has the will and money to do so.

        1. Before jumping the gun handle stealer,how about waiting until all the facts come out.

          Remember Howard Eskin is about as credible as a convicted felon.

          1. Farzetta was in the Phillies clubhouse when Middleton said that. He’s not one for hyperbole. I believe him.

        2. Isn’t Farzetta a failed WIP yakker? Got bumped from those primo Saturday afternoon slots by the inestimable Rob Charry.

  3. We could easily be listening to this increasingly crazy person for 10 more years.

    He probably still has millions of dollars even after his Macy’s bills. He should beat Cataldi to SoCal and leave us alone.

    1. Eskin has been a reputable sports reporter for over 20 years in this city. He has good sources. Have some of his stories in the past been suspect? Sure. But something this major leads me to believe he’s100% dead-on.

    2. Howard graduated one year before me at Northeast High. Can’t believe I walked by this Putz numerous times in the halls. Come on Howard sing along with me.

      On a busy city street stands a noble school. Home of virtues learning seat and the golden rule.
      Hail Northeast, Hail Northeast, loyal all are we.

  4. This is great news. Once Middleton takes over, he will start to steer the ship right. He has the will to win and is worth 3+ billion dollars. Go Phillies!!!!!!!

    1. You moron the Phillies are at least 7 to 8 years away from even making the playoffs.

      By then hopefully you’ll be locked away in an insane asylum.

    1. That would be premature. Ruben Amaro did not give bad money to Howard, Rollins, Utley and Ruiz. It was David Montgomery. Montgomery is out of here now. Amaro will have full decision making now.

      1. The question I have is did Montgomery tell RAJ to sign Howard, Rollins, Utley and Ruiz, or did RAJ go to him for approval? We don’t know for sure, but that is a big difference.

        1. @Vinnie
          Honestly, it has been well known in the Philly sports media that Montgomery has been pulling the strings for the last few years. The media has slammed Amaro for signings that were not his decisions. When the CEO/Montgomery comes to the GM/Amaro and dictates who you will sign, what do you say to the guy that signs your paycheck? No? Montgomery, as I have said for the last few years, is the culprit here, not Amaro. And Cliff Lee being resigned? That was insisted upon by John Middleton, our soon to be majority owner that wants to win at all costs!

          1. If wanting to win and being super rich were the only things an owner needed to win championships, Dan Snyder and the Skins would be in the Patriots position right now. But this isn’t fairy tale land and it doesn’t fucking matter “how much you want to win” it matters how smart you are, how well you spend your money/scout and evaluate players, and how lucky you get. It is damn near impossible to put these together consistently, and the phillies have dug themselves so deep in this shit hole they’ll be lucky if they’re out of the basement of the division in 3 years. This motherfucker better be at least smart and willing to change the status quo to get any forward progress going. Wanting to win does not equal actually winning. Anyone older than 10 knows that.

  5. Is anyone shocked that Eskin is spreading rumors based on conjecture? This is what the man does. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s wrong. Eskin reports much of his breaking news like a gambling man places bets. Let’s see, Middleton owns 48% and wants more control? Check. Montgomery has debilitating disease? Check. The Phillies sucked for awhile now under his watch? Check. His GM sucks? Check. It’s a good bet he’s right. But it’s still rumor based on conjecture.

  6. Look, if at the end of all of this Gillick is in charge, I don’t care if they drone strike Monty ‘s house.

    PS – Eskin’s accuracy (which was questionable to begin with ) has gone into the toilet since he joined twitter.

  7. Eskin has a breaking story? The only thing breaking is the broken clock that is right more times each day than The former Burget King. Also, I know 20,000 people no longer show up at Phillies games from three years ago. My question is why are the remaining 25,000 still showing up?

  8. I love it when Howard misuses the word “misnomer” when he probably means “misconception”. He does it least once a day on his show.

  9. Take off the hipster glasses Howard, you wrong-info havin cock jockey mother fucka.

    TMZ has proven to be more reputable than Howard Eskin.

  10. Howard Eskin is a scumbag piece of shit!!! I can’t believe no one has kicked his pussy ass yet! He better watch he don’t end up like that other mouthy announcer Alan Berg!!!

  11. Seriously…. have you ever seen the Burger King and Howard Eskin in the same place together ?

    Just sayin……

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