Jerry Jones Went down to the Sideline to Tell Jason Garrett That Tony Romo Was Going Back in

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In last night’s loss to the Redskins at Jerry Jones’ shrine to himself, Tony Romo took a knee to the back, right around the affected area from his season-ending back surgery last year. It was a scary (and likely extremely painful) moment. Romo was taken to the locker room, and as any NFL owner maniac would do, Jones followed him in.

Romo’s X-rays came back negative, but it’s still unclear if his injury is serious (he’s got a back contusion, but will be reevaluated). But Jones knew it wasn’t serious, because Jones is (not) a doctor. At one point, it looked like he was telling a very sad looking Jason Garrett that Romo was coming back in.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened.

Jones told the media:

“I was here during the tail end of the examination and knew he planned to come back out and play if he were needed. Of course he was needed. I felt good that he could come back out. When he saw the opportunity he did. I told Jason that he would be back in.”

Now in the case of your starting quarterback being ready to return from the locker room, there’s usually a few ways that can be communicated to the head coach:

1) A trainer can tell him.

2) A doctor can tell him.

3) The player can just walk out of the locker room.

Nowhere on that list is “the owner comes down from his box to sit in on the X-ray in the locker room, the owner says he’s okay, the owner walks out onto the sideline and delivers the news directly to the head coach that the quarterback is coming back in.” Why? Because that’s what psychopaths do. I understand the fear of Brandon Weeden (though he did lead the Cowboys on an 80-yard scoring drive), but was any of what Jones did necessary? No, it wasn’t. But it was Jerry Jones. Soon, Jones will be up in the box talking over the football game, with the same big loud opinion, but nobody will be listening as he’s washed up and ranting about the same old things. For now, though, at least Garrett is listening.

On the bright side, the game gave Browns fans something to have fun with in the McCoy/Weeden showdown. So that’s nice.


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  1. Kyle: Jim, Deadspin made a post with jokes about how Jerry Jones is a moron. We need one.

    Jim: OK.

    Kyle: Make sure you make it incoherent and unfunny.

    Jim: OK.

    Kyle: Also, unrelated, buy more lube.

    Jim: OK!!!!!!!

  2. Why is this fan base obsessed with every thing the Cowboys do? I could be wrong, maybe it’s just the shitty blog

    1. Well, detective, he Cowboys are major division rival that we have a very bitter history with, plus this year we’re in a tight race for the division with them. Its kind of a big deal. Also, it is a mostly shitty blog.

  3. 1. Zero Superbowls for the eagles (lol)

    2.Cowboys will beat the Cardinals, losing to the Redskins can be misleading because records don’t matter when the boys and skins meet up. Plus I think they needed a loss to get them to refocus and stop believing their own

    1. “2.Cowboys will beat the Cardinals…” totally possible, but the Cardinals have a really good D Line, and if Romo is out there, they might put him out of commision by halftime. Better get used to seeing Wheedon out there.
      “Plus I think they needed a loss to get them to refocus and stop believing their own…” Ah yes, that old line about having to loose-to-get-better axiom.

    2. I love how Cowboys and Giants fans love to bring up Super Bowls after a loss as if they have any bearing on the current season at all. You guys had a chance to take the division lead going into the stretch but you CHOKED like you always do as of late. You lost, at home, to COLT MCCOY and the Redskins. Its getting too close to December for the ‘Boys to do anything good. Deal with it.

    3. 3. Cowboy fans always bring up the Super Bowl issue shortly after their team does something that gives them nothing to chirp about.

  4. The Mo’Ne Davis comments being closed is the new K.Mac comments being closed.

    Who lines your pockets, boys?

  5. Because no one else will point it out and it’s too great to go unnoticed here, I applaud your use of Taylor Swift’s “Mean” lyrics in your article. Genius.

    1. Only a flaming gay would ever do such a thing. That and little girls. Neither would believe it’s genius. Jim’s sock puppet?

  6. No one gives a flying fuck about Taylor Swift. Take your estrogen somewhere else if you’re going to make stupid references to pop culture that no one gives a flying fuck about you stupid hag.

  7. Actually this was all just a cover. He actually recieved fellatio from a prostitute in his office, then went bragging to everyone about it. But this story worked better.

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