I swear I didn’t write this.

Email from reader Jack [edited only for length]:

Been a CB reader for as long as there’s been a CB. Only about two or three weeks ago I stumbled upon the podcast and actually went back and listened to several months worth of shows. Obviously, over the course of listening to the shows I became aware of the return of Bruno, which obviously, rules, obviously. All of this happened to coincide with my peak level of rage at the bullshit sports talk in this town.

I was a loyal fanatic listener for years, but the format has just gotten really stale. I liken it to the mid-aughts when I cancelled my Sports Illustrated subscription and started reading ESPN the Magazine. You guys aren’t doing anything revolutionary, but at the same time you’re completely throwing out the play book. I absolutely love it, and I’m encouraging all of my friends to make the change.

Crossing Streams is the perfect bite-sized mobile version of the CB site proper. It’s got that perfect blend of irreverent quippy IDGAF-ness and informed, original takes on what’s going on. I loved the show with FanSince09, I think you really nailed the appeal of the whole podcast mission you’re on without actually discussing it overtly.

BGN radio is what every Eagle fan should listen to. No panicked douchebaggery, no Sal Palantonio yelling quasi factoids at me, no Missanelli saying something ridiculous to inspire phone calls from opinionated, uninformed assholes. It has measured, intelligent discussion about the issues and excellent input from professional journalists. Love the guests too.

Bruno is the X factor. I’m sure you guys are psyched to have him on board with your sports talk podcast union jawn. The first two shows were interesting. I look forward to Tony finding his groove on the podcast side vs old radio. I think it’s going to end up being the best sports related podcast out there once he does.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. I’d actually liken what’s going on with podcasts right now – overall, not just ours – to where blogs were in 2008 or 2009. People listen to them, and those listeners know that they’re often a better, more interesting, and personal alternative to talk radio, but they haven’t hit a critical mass yet. At this point, most fans and followers of anything – from sports to tech to politics – know that blogs and new media are better options than mainstream media when it comes to their particular area of interest. I think that’s where we’ll be with podcasts in five years. Even if you don’t like my show, or BGN’s show, or Tony’s show, I guarantee you there are shows out there you’ll enjoy more than anything you find on the radio. That said, we think we have some great options, and recommend checking out the latest episode of BGN Radio, in which the guys sanely discuss where the Eagles are at right now – both the positives and negatives – in a rational and smart way. You can find that, of course, at