Meek Mill’s Face is Photoshopped onto Claude Giroux’s Body for his Philadelphia Flyer Mixtape Cover


The Sporting News read way too much into things and tried to say this mixtape title and cover was a shot at fellow Mayback Music Group member Wale (because he once name-dropped Alex Ovechkin). What it really is though, is a ridiculous cover for Meek Mill’s newest mixtape, which comes with this tagline:

After facing time in the penalty box, Meek Mill jumps back on the ice, faces off and scores big with Philadelphia Flyer, a slap shot of the latest and flyest music from Maybach Music Group’s very own.

Between this and that carjacker, will the real Giroux please stand up?!

You can grab the mixtape (and the cover) for yourself over here.


12 Responses

  1. gotta love how the Rap/Hip Hop culture is spoon fed to our youth….it’s cool hip and trendy until somebody gets capped in the azz.

  2. Never understood why it’s cool to he a wigger. If these youts had any balls they would be listening to Billy Idol or Huey Lewis & the news .

  3. not even released by him.. it’s some dj burning old songs onto cd’s probably selling them out of his trunk.. you going to start posting random youtube remixes too? oh.. you already did.

  4. watch this season of Ray Donovan on Showtime. it shows the Entertainment Industry for what it is…..

  5. Maybe that Delco lawyer who sued LedZep will represent G and NHLPA in a suit against Meek.
    Hey Francis, are you listening?

  6. “Delco Lawyer” what an oxymaroon. I’ve been on the witness stand at Media courthouse.

    judges get pissed off if you bring in a lawyer from another state or county.

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