Mo’ne Davis Is Getting Paid to Be in a Chevy Commercial, and No, It Won’t Affect Her NCAA Eligibility

Great commercial. Even better– this from the NCAA, via sociopath Darren Rovell:

“The NCAA staff’s decision was made within this process and based on a combination of considerations,” James said in the statement. “This waiver narrowly extends the rules — which allow Davis to accept the payment and still be eligible in any other sport — to include baseball. The NCAA staff also considered the historically limited opportunities for women to participate in professional baseball. In addition, Davis is much younger than when the vast majority of the prospect rules apply. While this situation is unusual, the flexible approach utilized in this decision is not.”

Is that… the NCAA showing restraint and reason? The same NCAA that dinged UCONN with a secondary violation because Geno Auriemma picked up the phone to call a little girl and wish her well? I’m impressed.

My guess is that by the time Mo’ne is winning Auriemma four consecutive titles in Storrs, the NCAA rules about athletes making money on their own likeness will be a thing of the past.


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  1. I think all your extra bullshit, T-shirts, podcasts, plans to take over the world etc, has you spread to thin Kyle. THIS BLOG BLOWS THIS WEEK!!!!!

  2. Good for her. Get everything you can while you can. Plus it drives Angelo Cataldi and his morning ass kissers crazy!!!!

  3. Hahaha wtf. There is an option to pay 10 cents to skip the survey and get to this article? Kyle done lost his fucking mind.

  4. The commercial is an excerpt from a Spike Lee joint.

    Yesterday I was wondering when kyle was going to post about it. Better 15 hours late than never right ?

  5. Man is this area full of a bunch of dickwads. If this comments section is an example of the general population we’re in deep shit.

    I love Mo’ne Davis, I wish her nothing but the very best. It takes a lot of heart to face off against the boys. You go girl!

  6. It’s a shame this website allows all of these disgusting comments from these racist cowards to be posted. KYLE, u are a idiot and a coward for allowing this.

  7. Ahh fuck you! Go to another site. You’re not welcome here asshole! No one wants to hear your fuckin’ whining!

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