Mo’ne Davis Threw a Strike from the Mound for the First Pitch at the World Series Saturday Night

In a much better pre-game moment than that dude from Staind screwing up the National Anthem on Sunday, Mo’Ne Davis threw out the ceremonial first pitch at AT&T Park on Saturday, and lobbed one right over the plate. It would be the highlight of anyone’s life, but like any Philadelphian, the real highlight of her day involved Chase Utley:

Davis also said a highlight of her day at AT&T Park was meeting Hall of Famers Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson, and getting to talk with her favorite player, Phillies second baseman Chase Utley, on the phone.

Talking to Chase Utley on the phone would be the highlight of my day too, but my days usually just consist of sitting a lot and drinking too much coffee, not throwing out the first pitch at the World Series and meeting Hank Aaron. Basically what I’m saying is: Chase, call me.

Kyle: I’ve talked to Chase Utley on the phone. It was awkward.