New Twitter Map Shows Eagles “Fans” Exist All Over the Country, is Just a Map of Twitter Followers

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Even when these things are made using iffy metrics, they’re still cool. Twitter released their version of the ever-popular fan map, featuring a county-by-county breakdown of Twitter followers. Now, there are many flaws in this system. For example, many fans may not have Twitter accounts, many fans with Twitter accounts may not follow the Eagles, and a bunch more may follow multiple teams (I follow the Charlotte Hornets on Instagram for reasons I myself do not understand). But either way, these maps are always useful for a few interesting tidbits.

Jefferson County, Oregon (which is not where the University is) pulls harder than most out-of-area counties for the Birds at just over 11% (it takes at least 3% to register as green on the map). Additionally, a strange dark green spot lands in Martin County, Indiana, where 42.68% of people counted follow the Eagles — way ahead of the next team in line– the Colts, at 8.54%. Then again, with a population of barely 10,000, there’s a lot of room for those numbers to be skewed.

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And of course, it’s always interesting to see where the Eagles/Steelers split happens, and though it seems further east than it should be, many of those border counties are very close. There’s a lot to poke around with on this map, and you can check out the whole thing embedded after the jump.

[h/t ESPN]


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  1. ” the Eagles/Steelers split happens, and though it seems further east than it should be”

    Why is it further east? The Steelers have 7 Super Bowl titles. The Eagles have none. The Steelers appeared in Super Bowls in 4 different decades. They have generations of fans who have experienced victory. Nobody under the age of 60 remembers the Eagles winning a championship.

    The Eagles have more in common with the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills than they do with the Steelers.

    1. The Steelers have 6 Super Bowl titles but the rest of your statement is true. People are going to gravitate towards the better, more storied franchise.

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