Nick Foles Stands up for an Injured Darren Sproles, Calls Him a “Special Dude”

In last week’s shutout of the Giants, Darren Sproles suffered an MCL strain when he was tackled by Markus Kuhn, who then proceeded to pull him over by his neck while laying on Sproles’ leg. A classic WWE maneuver, it’s basically an inverted Crippler Crossface. Injuries happen in the NFL, but this one was undeniably caused by after the play extracurriculars, and Nick Foles did not like that at all. As you can see in the Instagram video above, via at Bleeding Green Nation, Foles went to the referee to ask why the hell they let that happen. Transcript below for those who can’t watch the video:

Nick Foles: You can’t bend a dude backwards.

Official: We blew the whistles, man.

Foles: Yeah, well call something on him! You can’t bend a guy backwards and break his leg. You can’t bend a guy backwards.

Official: I know that, Nick. I know that.

Foles: This guy is a special dude right here.

Official: I know, I know.

Foles: You know [Markus Kuhn] knew that. That pisses me off! That’s my teammate!

You always like to see anyone on the team stick up for his teammates, and it’s good to see Foles get a little animated. Plus, the way he called Sproles a “special dude” makes me think he really likes him, as a person, and that’s nice.

And while we’re here talking about the good people at Bleeding Green Nation, we’re very excited to announce that they are joining us at the Liberty Broadcast Co., where we will be hosting their future podcasts.

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15 Responses

  1. Tender and touching piece Jim. I’m moved. Who’d had known Nick Foles would be capable of showing emotion.

    I’d live to have Nick host Jake, the boy with Downs Syndrome in the Colonial Nissan ads as his guest at an upcoming game.

    Can you broker this?

  2. Meanwhile, somewhere else, Donavan McNabb continues to lament that his failings in Philly are all because of his WR Core.

  3. Does anyone feel that this is racist? A black player was tackled illegally and the white ref won’t throw a flag. Then the white QB calls him “special”, like he needs to ride on the short bus or something. Sproles is a good football player and Foles calls him “special” like he needs help from the ref or something. And the ref said tackle was excessive and just tells Foles he knows, but won’t throw a flag. Big time racists.

    I think the NAACP should know about this.

  4. Jeez Nick is really trying to force the leader role when he is mic’d up. He is about as inspiring as a fat kid laying on the couch, eating a bowl of ice cream and watching south park.

  5. What a chicken shit!!! A real bad ass leader would’ve punched the ref in the mouth and then drop-kicked the guy who did that to Sproles.

    God, Foles is such a terrible leader, right?


    Does anyone out there think I’m relevant yet????

    Please, no one loves me

  6. I wasn’t totally happy when the Eagles cut Jackson, but seeing this team now, I love the move. The way these guys stick up for each other makes me more excited for this team than I have ever been before.

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