Pat Croce’s Ridiculous Villanova Mansion, Up for Auction, Made the Wall Street Journal Today

Pictured: A very modest office.
Pictured: A very modest office.

Pat Croce tried selling his house for $7.95 million. No one bought it. Pat Croce tried selling his house for $6.25 million. No one bought it. Pat Croce is now trying to sell his house for whatever. Someone’s gonna buy it.

The Croce mansion — which consists of three-and-a-half acres, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, five fireplaces, a tennis court, and a pool house — will be sold at an auction on October 25th. It being Pat Croce’s house, there are also mermaids, gargoyles, and pirate-themed bar stools to enjoy, which you can see in the Wall Street Journal‘s slideshow of the home. The auction will have no reserve so you can get the place for a total steal, like $3 million or something.


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  1. Guess I’ll have to dip into my ramen noodles money and make a bid on this place before someone beats me to it.

  2. Just look at that beautiful 10ft square Chinese Tabriz oriental rug with silk highlights,as well as a nice all over design instead a center medallion,Croce must’ve paid a nice penny for that piece.

  3. If you see the whole slideshow, the decorating is simply atrocious. Apparently, the Croces never heard of “staging” a house for sale. And his taste in pirate- and sports-related junk is nauseating. It is no wonder it did not sell. Also, it is in a neighborhood of Lower Merion near Conshy where none of the other homes are valued at over $1.5 million. How they ever priced it at over 7 mill is a mystery. Whoever buys will have to spend a half mill just clearing out junk and tearing out gaudy wallpaper and crappy carpeting. Once you strip it down, though, the building and the out buildings could be a real Party central.

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