Phillies Bench Coach Larry Bowa Says Team’s Starting First Baseman Belongs in American League

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I am surprised Bowa made it through a full season without saying something inflammatory about one of his players. Wait… what’s that? He called Domonic Brown a lazy POS on the radio? Never mind then. That makes this the second Bowa’s second public gaff.

Speaking to the WIP Morning Show today, Bowa was asked if he thinks Ryan Howard – who, mind you, is currently the Phillies’ starting first baseman – is an American League player at this point in his career. Mr. Bowa?

“Yeah, I think he is,” Phillies bench coach Larry Bowa candidly told Howard Eskin Friday on the 94WIP Morning Show. “I mean, in all fairness to him [Howard], when a big guy like that does something to his Achilles and then you’re out on the field for nine innings and you’re making plays, you’re going to your right, going to your left, that takes a wear and tear on your body. I mean, if you look at just numbers, I would be shocked if an American League wouldn’t say you know what, ‘I’ll take 25 [home runs] and 100 [runs batted in] and he’ll be my DH [designed hitter].’

“But again, I think personally, it would help him just to get off his feet and not being able to have to stand out there for nine innings every night,” Bowa continued. “But there’s also talk that this is really going to be—last year was his first full year since that [Achilles] injury [he suffered in 2011] and he thinks he’s gonna get stronger and better, so again, we’re going to have to wait and see. But I think an America League team—I think he can help an American League team.”

He’s not wrong. But this should make for a fun conversation in spring training when Ruben Amaro fails to trade Howard (or anyone else) this winter.


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    1. i so agree with you. bowa is a terrible coach and was a worse manager. it’s no wonder no team, majors or minors, was interested in him coaching or managing. very divisive.

    2. He was the worst manager. The players hated him so much. Team would crash every August/September. He drove Scott Rolen out of town. The Phillies have not had a quality 3rd baseman since then.

      Meanwhile, he loves going on radio and talking tough. But he spent the whole year in the dugout why Ryne Sandberg sat there like a lump on a log and guided the Phillies to a pointless, lifeless season.

      1. #1 Larry Bowa the “worst” manager? In his 4 years managing the Phillies, he took a mediocre team to a record of 337-308. He only had 1 below .500 season in his 4 years here, going 80-81 in 2002.
        #2: Larry Bowa didn’t run Scott Rolen out of town. Dallas Green did that with his off-season comments during the spring training the year Rolen was traded. Dallas Green told the media that Scott needed to hit for more power/HR’s and become a greater leader in the clubhouse. Also, what drove Scott Rolen away from the Phillies (demand of trade) was the same thing that drove Schilling demand for a trade. The Phillies didn’t spend ANY money on free-agents.

        1. How many playoff appearances did he have? Every year they would start good and then fall apart in either August or September.

          He probably would have been over .500 in that 80-81 season if the team didn’t go 12-15 in September. If they didn’t start the month 2-9.

          Or the great 2001 season when they missed the playoffs by 2 games. The Phillies had the best record in the league on June 1st: 35-18. Finished the season 51- 58. Somehow he got Manager of the Year for that implosion.

          1. @Dr. Marvin Monroe ,
            Look at the talent of the roster in those 4 years and tell me what Bowa could have done to make the playoffs. The starting pitching was terrible besides Schilling and the offense was deplete of major talent besides Rolen and Rollins. Bowa’s record with the remaining garbage was miraculous.

          2. @ Bob

            He had Jim Thome, Bobby Abreu, Mike Lieberthal, Pat Burrell, Placido Polanco, Some of the pitchers he had were Randy Wolf, Vincente Padilla, Jose Mesa. Kevin Millwood, Brett Myers, and Eric Milton.

            Those are all MLB players who played more than 10 years in the league, some of them were even all stars.

            The teams before Bowa were pure garbage. But they started bringing in better players when they knew they were getting a new stadium.

  1. “That makes this the second Bowa’s second public gaff.”
    It’s not a public gaff. Nothing Bowa said was inflammatory whatsoever. All Bowa said was due to Howard’s Achilles injury, his age and size/body type, DH’ing in the American League would alleviate the wear and tear on his body and maybe make Howard a more productive player. And Bowa is right.

  2. More people like Bowa should be near this team. The lack of people like Bowa near this team is precisely the problem.

    1. Criticism of the existing roster players isn’t going to help them win games, unless Bowa is an unknown sabermetric genius, he shouldnt be allowed near this team.

      1. Sabermetrics has nothing to do with scouting players whatsoever. All metrics are good for is looking at traditional stats in a different scope. Not sure why you brought saber into this discussion since it has no bearing on this topic.

      1. Ohhh yes, please come to our school, you poor, poor, innocent, non murdering victim of race. How much????

  3. “That makes this the second Bowa’s second public gaff.”

    Edit or proofread much?

  4. I’m afraid not many AL teams would even want Howard without the Phillies eating like every red cent the man is owed on his remaining contract. And there sure as hell isn’t a single NL taker on him either. He has a big fork in his back right now and if he doesn’t prove differently very soon he’s going to be taking a paid retirement in the near future. Thanks Ruben!!

    1. Howard will likely be released and the Phillies will eat the remainder of his contract. Then, Howard will sign onto an AL teams as a DH making the veteran league minimal salary. It will do him good to DH in the other league. He’s 35 and can’t play in the field everyday anymore. It will be a win-win for both him and the Phillies. The 60 million due to Howard is a drop in the bucket for the Phillies now.

  5. Am I the only person who dosent see this as racist? A white coach basically saying Howard cant play the field anymore and wants to send him to the American League. I know Bowa would like to see Darin Ruf (AKA White Boy) playing everyday. Not to mention he called Dom Brown lazy. Remember the 5 Aces? Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt, Blanton what do they all have in common? Thats right, white. Should be called the 5 white Aces.

    I think the NAACP needs to be notified.

    Good thing Sam Hinkie traded away Spencer Hawes, b/c he was next on my list.

    1. How is it racist? Some days this race card stuff gets ridiculous. They dealt Jim Thome (a white man) to allow Ryan Howard to come up from the minors. At the time, it was almost the same situation: Thome couldn’t play the field anymore, but unlike Howard he could still hit. Anyway, race has nothing to do with this but expect Al Sharpton to be at CBP protesting, LOL!

      I also don’t see what Bowa did was wrong. I am so sick of these multi-millionaires getting their feelings hurt because the truth is, he is washed up and it is a damn shame, but that is the reality. It’s too bad more people in the Phillies organization don’t face the same reality.

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  6. Get rid of that piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine and the wetback fucker that signed him to that shitty deal.

    1. “…the wetback fucker that signed him to that shitty deal.”

      Per Ruben Amaro Jr. wikipedia:

      Born and raised in the Rhawnhurst neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia, Amaro played Little League Baseball for Crispin Gardens. He later was a batboy for the Phillies from 1980 to 1983 when his father, Rubén Amaro, Sr., a former Gold Glove-winning shortstop with the club, was the first base coach. The Amaros are the only father-son combination to ever play for the Phillies.

      1. It’s the new word they learned around these parts.

        It’s like when 6th graders learn a new swear word. They look for any chance to use it.

        1. Agreed. I’m an Irish descent white guy and the furthest word that I would think of with Ruben Amaro Jr. is “wetback.” He’s one of us. If people want to criticize his decisions, fine. Resorting to calling him ethic slurs is B.S.

          1. I had no idea he played for Crispin. I played for the Mayfair Shamrocks. He has a few years on me, but we may have come across each other.

      2. ANNOUNEMENT : Due to the Phillies remaining status quo and in viewing the exiled Burger King’s again wrong prognostication of an able owner taking over the team and canning Ryan Howard and Amaro, the name of the stadium of lemmings still going to games will be called Citizens With Dementia Park.

  7. He’s the one guy in baseball with the balls to always speak the truth. Doesn’t care who’s feelings he hurts. Players are too sensitive. It’s a business. If I make $25 million a year the coach can call me a sack of shit. The first base coach earns $150, 000 if that. Most of these players act like they are wearing a Tampon.

  8. I heard the interview this morning, and though most of what he said is true, I was thinking “I can’t believe he is being this honest.” I am sure Big Rube had a mini-heart attack when he heard it.

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