RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno Says 97.5 Is Telling Potential Podcast Sponsors That He’s “Greedy”

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Hey so here’s a post in which I have a huge conflict of interest.

Our buddy, Tony Bruno, came out swinging today after learning that 97.5 is supposedly telling potential sponsors of his new podcast that he’s greedy. This on the heels of Tony’s inaugural show (spoiler alert: I was on it), which was recorded at the Jug Handle Inn, a former 97.5 sponsor, Monday night. The Jug Handle, along with Tony Luke’s (which will host Bruno’s show on October 30), are not currently advertising on 97.5.

Here’s what Tony had to say about parting ways with 97.5 on our podcast last week:

“I get a phone call from my agent, on Amtrak, saying that the good news is 97.5 made an offer. The bad news is that it’s an insulting offer and they obviously don’t want to keep you. So he told me the specifics, which was a six-month contract extension with a 42% pay cut, and I said, “What do you think?” to my agent. He said, “Well that’s not an offer, they want you to leave.”

“What they were doing was obviously something knowing I would never accept. It was something that according to many lawyers that I’ve spoken with since then, and people in the radio business, was a breach of contract on their part because they didn’t make a legitimate offer on their part. You can not, from what I understand under law, offer someone in the same position – not radio, anywhere –  without changing [it], more than a 20% pay cut to do the same job that they’ve done. That’s considered a breach of contract. That’s in fact what they did. The contract that they offered me was a 42% pay cut.”

Soooo, if you’re interested in advertising on The Tony Bruno Show and or Crossing Streams… click here.

Listen to the full interview with Tony.


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  1. Bruno was the best guy on the radio by far. Shame on 97.5 for letting him go and now crying over spilled milk.

  2. Love to see another station in the area change formats and make a run at the two sports talk stations. That’s never going to happen though because all the fucking radio stations are owned by two corporations.

  3. Just an Idea:

    If Tony Bruno (Philly Radio King) teamed up with Crossing Broad (Yes, we love to hate but we spend 1/2 our day here) it would be a force to reckoned with.

    You already come here everyday (people are online more than by an actual radio) so if you could come here and listen to Tony Bruno’s show each day (with sponsors and advertising) at a certain time then listen to say Kyle’s Show after then maybe get a couple more personalities as it grows it could kill it.

    Soon rather than tuning into 975thefanatic / listenlive… everyone will be coming to CB. You’ll get your “print” and the audio.

    Think about it.

      1. It needs to be streamed onto the site better. It seems like a completely separate thing people won’t immediately understand since it’s a different name and you need to click on a separate link etc.

      2. Lets Do It Live.

        Live stream. Add in a hot chick who knows her Philly sports like that insanely hot blonde intern at 97.5.Forget her name. Think she went to temple.

        Given the sad state of Philly sports radio there is an enormous opportunity to make a mark.

          1. I agree. Live Stream would be terrific. A supplementary Live Video Stream would be excellent.

            Even though I loathe 97.5, yet still listen, I’m always curious what’s “going on back there” and what the guys look like, faces their making, etc.

  4. Waahhhhh, I think I am worth far more than what the going rate is for a washed up nobody talking head. Ridiculous man, 610-632-0975, and today is a Terrific Tiny Tim Thursday, not Tim Tebow, not Tim Brown, 610-632-0975…..

    1. So, Tony Bruno is a tired act, yet Mike Miss storms off remotes, assaults underlings and treats people like garbage and he’s “fresh?”( Google him!) Nothing says fresh like Seinfeld and mob movies as your go-to pop-culture knowledge. Miss is a more energetic version of Howard Eskin. Self-important, smug, condescending and a total douche-nozzle.

    2. Are you that nub that calls 97.5 with the lame Bruno impression? First of all to do an impression you have to sound like the subject, at the very least a little bit. You sound nothing at all like Bruno, and those calls are just painful to listen to. Second, your shtick is getting old and you might want to try something new… Maybe a new career since I heard your Tom Brokaw last night and it was even worse than your Bruno.

  5. Sounds like the mid clowns on 97.5 might be joining Bruno shortly. The show has been about how the program director told them to change their show format, I’m guessing ratings are terrible (not really a suprise).

    1. Donut know anything bout ratings, but my body Sean Brace works really really hard mastering his craft. I try to take notes on his knawlege of sports in genrawl. I know I should of DID my English more in skool, but Sean keeps me on track when I speek and rite. And by body Jon Marx is also a really really good roll model for guys like me hoping to brake into the radio biz.

    2. Yo I ain’t worried. I can always go back to bartending in Greenville. Lotta nice lookin ECU honeys down dere.

  6. That’s funny. While Tony was offered a 42% cut in salary MM was offered a 42% raise and a one year extension. MM has favored nation status.

  7. We had to cut Tony’s salary by 42% to give the wonderfully talented Sean Brace a big raise. He was getting so many other offers because he’s such a great radio host, that we had to up the ante. Sean has vast sports knowledge, excellent grammar, and a great sense of style. He’s just the best. His shiny bald head makes me pee pee tingle.

  8. I’m a closet racist, that’s why I go out of my way to kiss black ass anytime a brother calls up the station. Also why my lead in is a no-name rapper/hip-hop artist (What’s the difference? I’m too white to know or care). Pretty sure I can’t go out of my way to pander to the black community more than I already do now. I’m a total fraud really, I also pretend I listen to current bands to rope in the “yutes.” What’s an MGMT? My only real pop-culture knowledge is about a decade old (Seinfeld, Sopranos, the wire, etc). Basically I’m just a huge shit stain in the Philadelphia media market.

  9. I like Tony Bruno as a sports talk host he was my personal go-to guy if I was in the mood to listen to sports talk radio in Philly. Actually he and Harry Mayes was the only show that interested me. That being said Tony must not have been generating the ratings 97.5 anticipated in his original contract/salary. Perhaps due to the time slot. Maybe Tony could have excelled in the drive time slot.

    Don’t think it helps him at all getting into a pissing match with 97.5 though.

    1. It’s not really a pissing match though. He’s never badmouthed the station or management. But if they’re trying to dissuade sponsors from sponsoring his podcast, that impacts him financially. So now the gloves come off. I think Tony has been extremely professional in handling the completely unprofessional botch job by the “suits” at 97.5.


      1. You voice your concerns behind the scenes to those sponsors. Not through social media.

        Sean Brace having a show? Yeah man I have nothing against the guy personally I wish him the best but he and his sidekick have absolutely no business being on the radio in a huge market like Philadelphia. It speaks volumes for the dopes they have running that station.

        10 M people have the ability to turn on 97.5 and those 10 M people should be given better on air talent that what is on 97.5. Something is really screwed up here.

  10. I’d rather listen to Jon & Sean all day before listening to that fat pig on wip Anthony Gargano.

  11. Both Missanelli and Bruno are big names in this city. There is one big difference between them that makes Bruno more enjoyable to listen to. He’s not a fucking arrogant prick who is never wrong.

    Missanelli has a good show and is a smart guy, but if he continues to be a pompous douche to anyone who disagrees with him, he will lose listeners.

    Bruno and Kyle would be the best tandem in the city if you ask me.

  12. Team up Harry Mays n Tony Bruno, stream it live m-f 10-2, I would listen everyday. Kyle, stay the fuck off the broadcast, we don’t want to hear you

  13. With Angelo selling his home in Jersey and his contract up in January it’ll be interesting to see what they do there. I can’t stand Angelo and it would be refreshing to have Bruno is the A.M. slot.

    1. Angelo has mentioned retiring to California (because you know he loves Philadelphia so much he has never lived here anyway). I did not know he was selling his house. Maybe he will be gone after Wing Bowl.

    2. yeah man. hitting four and a half hours worth of drops would be riveting radio on a daily basis.

  14. Jesus what the fuck is wrong with 97.5? Their station must be run by someone who is a bigger asshole than Wopinelli.

    If I were an advertiser I’d be embarrassed to be associated with that station. Mayes is a nice dude but lost with Bruno. Jon and Sean are worse than hearing a Jerry Sandusky shower session. Wopinelli is a fucking smug douchebag. Who in their right mind would want to pay money to support those shows, or the dimbulbs who listen to it?

  15. To this day I can’t figure out why tony Bruno is out of work and most of the WIP personalities still have jobs. The morning show is a joke, much so that at 5:30 am my dial immediately turns to Preston and Steve. Big daddy is awesome though, that pompous ass smug son of a bitch is better then a lullaby, puts me right to sleep. And I am tired of listening to the same people call EVERYNIGHT, hear that Chris from williamstown, mike from south east Philly and Steve from glenside GO TO BED!!!!!!

  16. 97.5’s talent/topics are so bad that I have to resort to listening to Colin Cowturd and national shows. I don’t understand that stations philosophy. On a side note, switching from Missanelli to SVP and Russillo has been an afternoon game changer.

    1. Yeah I’ve got mad game. Check out that answering machine message I left that chick I met in Rehoboth a few years ago. Mikey from Swingers would be proud.

  17. Great now I can listen to a podcast of Bruno and his stupid fake laugh every 30seconds, trying to convince you something he said was humorous.

  18. Not to go off topic, but:

    Who replaces Angelo and his morning show? Is it Josh Innes? I’m shocked they haven’t asked Bruno

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