Shane Victorino Gives Phillies Jersey to “Bucket List” Family Who Lost Their Newborn

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Over the past few months, a Delco couple achieved a certain level of internet fame for their “Bucket List Baby.” They wanted to do something for their yet-to-be-born son, Shane, who was set to be born with a rare birth defect that would cause the baby to die soon after birth. They decided to complete a bucket list of sorts for their son and chronicle it on their Facebook page. It even got some national attention. Baby Shane died just hours after being born last week, but the family is still receiving the well wishes of others, including another Shane– Shane Victorino.

Victornio was in Philly this weekend and visited the Drexel Hill couple, gifting them an autographed #8 Phillies jersey with “Shane” on the back to keep in the baby’s memory. It’s a really nice gesture by Victornio, and a really nice thing for the family, who would not have received a jersey if they had decided to name their son “Hunter” or “Erik Kratz,” because those dudes are busy, like Shane was last year around this time.


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    1. what makes it an even more honorable gesture is that it was a surprise visit. thus, he did this for them and not himself. thats class right there.

      1. I used to do a lot of work with children’s group. Victorino used to to a ton of stuff for kids with no cameras around when he was on the Phillies. He has a Boys and Girls Club in Nicetown that he makes surprise visits to during the offseason.

        Rollins does a ton of stuff too. I will never ever boo Rollins because of some of the stuff I have seen him do to help out kids.

    2. Agreed, looks like he just drove himself down to Delco and suprised them. Cool stuff.

  1. Hey Jim…it’s Victorino, not Victornio (hint, you did it twice). Oh and get some sleep before you write…that last paragraph is brutal.

    1. Drew, you hit the nail on the head.
      Jim, you took a nice story and just blew it at the end.

    2. I like that they don’t even go back and edit it after somebody calls them out in the comment section about Victornio.

      The last paragraph is fantastic. I was always a big fan of The Office. The last paragraph reminds me of Michael Scott/ David Brent.

  2. Sae, dis es a grate ding Shayne did far this family dat had der kid die from dat ding wit da stuff.

  3. Wow, a nice uplifting story with an absolute wrong turn on the last paragraph. Nice touch, Jimmy.

    1. Jim thinks he’s funny.

      Trying to capture some of Kyle’s biting, cynical wit. But Kyle doesn’t have enough to spare.

  4. Even when you write a nice story you fucking suck Jim. Can’t believe Kyle hasn’t fired your ass yet. Fuck you.

  5. This post nicely summarizes everything that sucks about this site.

    1. Lazy recap of a story without adding anything of value
    2. Completely tone-deaf delivery
    3. Unnecessary snark
    4. Shitty editing

    All we are missing is a terrible t-shirt design and money grab.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I think it is far worse to call someone out for an editing mistake with a misspelling. SEE #3

      1. And EVEN WORSE to call somebody out for a misspelling when alleged misspelling did not even occur. See above.

      2. I disagree – readers should point out mistakes to clue these two in that their writing needs better editing. That was also my fourth gripe with the post i.e. not the most important. I also didn’t make any errors in my comment, so it’s all a moot point.

        But good job otherwise.

        1. When are you four or five bitches getting together for lunch and then an afternoon of shopping?

  6. I never liked Victorino, but I give him a world of credit for this stroke of kindness. Too cool.

  7. Between the endless t-shirt hawking, and survey-taking, hoop-jumping bullshit, this site is completely worthless.

  8. This entire article should be “Awaiting Moderation”, not any of the comments.

  9. Low blow saying Kratz-y wouldn’t have done something for the family. For all we know he may be employed as a catering server at the restaurant where they held the reception.

    1. Yea, Kratz is either doing that or he is playing in the World Series tonight.

      I forget which. Maybe I should look it up.

      Ohh yea, look at that. Catcher for the Royals.

  10. Jim, go fuck yourself son. Nobody needs reminding that the Phillies suck and players leave here all the time to go onto win on other teams. Well “most” of us don’t need reminding.

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