Sixers and Devils CEO Scott O’Neil Has a Nerlens Noel Jersey Sewn into His Blazer

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The Sixers were home last night to kickoff their pre-season, which, really, is essentially their entire campaign this year. About 20 people showed up, including everyone favorite Molly Sullivan and CEO Scott O’Neil, who showed off to Sullivan his odd, but kind of endearing Nerlens Noel jersey-lined blazer.

O’Neil was unnaturally perky during the interview, and assuming he’s not always that way, it was either because he was talking to Molly (which will make this guy InSaNeLy jealous) or because he had a few aged Zins with Joshua Harris before the game. Whatever the case, the blazer (which is totally a Villanova thing) is a nice, fun touch, but I wonder if the other side has a Patrick Elias sweater sewn into it? If so, O’Neil can wear the same thing tonight!


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  1. Has Jim been terminated?

    It seems like all Kyle, all the time the past couple of days…

  2. That chick has very similar features to the chick who made Kyle take down that post about Pat the bat at the Piazzzia. Etc horrible hairline and shoe we knows

  3. Is there any way the Sixers can ship Molly Sullivan up to the Yankees and bring back Meredith. I could stare at her cans all day. Molly is annoying and is just a lap dog for Zumoff.

  4. That’s one of the dumbest fucking things I have ever seen……..And I signed Ryan fucking piece of monkey shit to a monster contract.–Rube

  5. You can buy blazers like that for any team at the NBA store in NYC. It’s not a custom thing.

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