Someone is Already Making Hype Videos for CB West’s 2015 Season

The clip above, uploaded by “Buck Pride,” has set the hype machine to overdrive, using the full audio from the Chrysler Detroit Super Bowl ad from a few years back. Because what CB West is going through is just like what happened to Detroit. It’s almost eerie how similar it is. They’ll also both be back to full strength in 2015, no issues at all.

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4 Responses

  1. Pathetic. Who gives this much of a shit about high school football? This isn’t Texas after all.

  2. Who gives a shit about their irrelevant program. They were good 15 years and now touch each other at house parties. What a joke of a video .

  3. lol whoever made this is probably wearing tight sweatpants and eatting chef boy ardee ravioli….Jim?

  4. Its nice to see the A-V club checking in. Has this loser ever left the basement long enough to go to a game? Nah, he doesn’t go out since the cheerleaders “pants” him.

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