Spike Lee is Reportedly Making a Documentary about the Taney Dragons

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Great director and terrible sports fan Spike Lee is reportedly filming some kind of documentary featuring the Taney Dragons. According to Molly Eichel, Lee’s film crew was spotted “shooting at Marian Anderson Rec Center, at 18th and Fitzwater streets,” while Lee snapped an Instagram shot with Mo’Ne Davis and reportedly met with other locals. There is currently no word on what the doc will be or when it will be released, but he’s only got until the beginning of the Knicks season to finish it, since he basically rents office space at the Garden.


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  1. Headlines like this make me wish Candy from the Oak was still an active commenter.

  2. I’m so fuckin’ sick of all this racist nigga shit! They’ve got bet, jet, ebony, uncf, blackish, black people meet.com, and now every damn commercial has niggas in it! But if someone made something for white people, it would be racist. It’s really sickening that rich whites don’t have the fuckin’ balls to do it!!!

    1. What more do you people need? You have The Big Bang Theory. Before that it was Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends and Seinfeld.

      How much do you people need?

    2. All those “black” thangs listed by James are really the creations of a certain tribe which can usually be identified by an XL olfactory organ . The probiscus packing tribe does this not to empower the darker races, but to use them as a weapon against the fairer races, who are their greatest perceived threat to world domination.

      1. And to be sure, these same hook nosed scoundrels who own Hollywood are the ones signing Spike Lee’s checks

  3. I half expected Tyler Perry to do a “Madea’s Little League World Series” type of thing.

  4. Glad to see Spike is still tackling the hard hitting social issues of the day.

    Enough with this kid already, for Christ’s sake.

  5. great director and terrible sports fan? way to be non controversial. spike lee is a racist piece of shit. fuck that cooon

  6. Spike Lee is the Al Sharpton of sports.
    Well, that explains why there were film trucks clogging up the neighborhood the other night while I was looking for parking.
    Holy shit, I had to get actual news from CrossingBroad.com.
    I don’t know whether to face palm or congratulate Kyle on offering useful news in between the dick and fart jokes.

  7. Fuck Spike Lee and his opportunistic bullshit. The public ran out of fucks to give about him years ago.

    And that includes all of the African-Americans who pay for his films out of obligation, and the white people who do it out of guilt.

  8. The guy who played Steve Erkle is now much cooler than Spike Lee is. Isn’t it funny how things go sometimes?

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