The Details of That 49ers Fan Fight Are Insanely Disturbing

This whole thing started over

The 32-year-old man was viciously attacked in a stadium bathroom just minutes before the 49ers and Chiefs were set to kick off.

The man’s cousin told police that the victim nudged another man to get that man to go to an open stall. The suspect responded by saying he ‘doesn’t like to get pushed’ and followed that up by punching the victim three times, including a punch that knocked the victim out cold.

You know, someone verbally nudged me at one of the horrendous Linc ATMs on Sunday. I didn’t like it. You know what I did? I… told him how an apparent glitch in the Do you want a receipt? (always no) question was tripping up the transaction. I suppose the alternative would’ve been to bash his head in, but this just seemed like the more reasonable response.

Anyway, the victim of the attack is in bad shape:

“These victims were beaten like animals. One of the victims has suffered severe injuries. He has some bleeding to the brain,” Hernandez said, via CBS San Francisco. “He has had to have partial skull removal to relieve some of that pressure. He is currently suffering some paralysis.”

[Brothers Dario and Amador Rebollero] have been charged with felony assault. The 32-year-old victim is hospitalized in critical condition.

Pro Football Talk notes that, not shockingly, the Salamanca brothers have a criminal record. One had previously been convicted, at various points, of assault with a deadly weapon, animal cruelty, hit and run, DUI, evading police and resisting arrest. The other– vehicle theft and possession of ammunition “after being ordered not to own a gun.”

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56 Responses

  1. if you are ever questioning whether or not to nudge a guy with a face tattoo the answer is “no…no i shouldn’t nudge that guy with the face tattoo.”

    1. i agree, but that is besides the point. it is amazing that some people just never move beyond the “always gotta keep it real” and the “i gotta protect my rep” phase. that was a high school mindset. eventually, most of us evolve and enter into”i have job on monday morning that i need to go to because that pays the bills and supports my family” phase of our lives! sadly, fucktards like these can be found at eagles games and phillies games too. the prices of the linc and the ‘eyes everywhere’ cameras have greatly discouraged antics like this (making windmill jeff bery happy.) however, with monday being an off day for most people, there is going to be marathon-like drinking in the lots on sunday and its a GUARANTEE that there will be an incident like this at the game on sunday. ill be in the lot and ill be drinking and having a blast, but i wont be putting someone in the hospital simply because they nudged me! fucking neanderthals!

      1. A lot of this country is not moving to the I have a job Monday morning to pay the bills and support the family. It is moving towards “where is my handout?”

        1. yep! also, throw in the “its always the fault of someone else, not me” mentality. only a matter of time much of the world surpasses us and those said people then blame the hand that fed them for all those years.

        2. Or, they are just unemployed from the economy crash under Bush. No wait – that isn’t in the agenda. Never mind. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        1. We are well aware Chuck…very apparent…can you get back to the hole in the men’s room wall now?

  2. Look, I know this looks bad. But can we please for once wait for all the facts before we rush to judgement? For once?

    1. What more “facts” are you wait to be released? The dude is paralyzed int the hospital with part of his skull removed.

      There were most likely ~50 witnesses

      1. ….going out on a limb here…think he was being facetious….. At least i really hope so

  3. I am glad there is video to show what these creeps did but who was taking it and why are you videotaping dudes at a urinal?

  4. Prison is nothing to these losers. It is just a stop in life that they will periodically make. People like this need to be locked up permanently or eliminated.

    1. It’s probably a vacation for these dickbags. Three square meals a day and a bed, fuck that

  5. Do I need to point out the obvious?

    If this happened here, it would be the lead story/front page for a week.

    And before anyone points out the kid that got his ass kicked at McFadden’s or the guy that got jumped at Genos…….some Phily fans suck too. The point is, it isn’t just here.

    1. If Philly fans stop beating people up, then maybe the media wouldn’t have incidents to put on the front pages.

      Mind yourself and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Nobody can make you look like a fool, they can only demonstrate to others that you are a fool.

  6. Who the fuck are the Salamanca brothers? According to the excepts from the article you so skillfully pasted, their last name is Rebollero.

  7. Why can’t we go back to the glory days in San Francisco, when guys nudged each other in a bathroom it meant they wanted a BJ.

  8. He has “Struggle” tatooed on his head. Where his frontal lobe resides. I assume his frontol lobe has many struggles.

    1. I agree. Let that be a lesson to everyone stand 50 yards away from all wetbacks

  9. Maybe Obama should stop letting them in the country.

    Seriously, what was the thought process behind the face tattoo?

    “It’s not like I’ll need a job, yea go ahead and fuck up my face please”

    1. They’re dumb fucks, you see that shit everywhere out here and they have no intention of doing anything other than collecting welfare checks. Makes me sick.

      1. This pretty much sums it up. My taxes keep going up to pay for trash like this. I am sure I am paying for their obamacare also.

  10. Here’s my take. I live out here near the Bay Area and as my name suggests I am a transplant from Philly. I’ve been out here over 10 years now and can say the shitbag thug gang members out here ruin EVERYTHING, from sporting events to concerts to carnivals. At the end of the day they’re punks and don’t attack somebody unless they’re armed, outnumber their victim, sucker-punch their victim, or are CLEARLY physically superior to them. Too bad we can’t call in air strikes on some of the neighborhoods out here.

  11. Forehead tatt is an easy give away for ID purposes…

    @rob ellis asskissing… its easy there is zero intelligant thought process in getting a face tattoo

  12. I used to enjoy going to major sporting events. Anymore what used to be a select few jackoffs in the crowd seems to be growing in number every year. If its not the moron behind me spilling beer and screaming at the players from 500 feet away its the idiot stuck in traffic in the parking lot after the game blowing his horn every three seconds.

  13. I told these fucking putos to cut my lawn but they never showed up on sunday. This explains everything smh

  14. Get these dirty motherfuckers out of our country. Bunch of uneducated pieces of shit. I hope they get butt raped by a gang of angry horny black motherfuckers. Stop letting these assholes in the damn country! They fucking reproduce faster than rabbits.

  15. just can’t understand how with rap sheets like that, they aren’t wasting away in a cell already and have the opportunity to go to games and mingle with actual human beings

    1. Who? Can you say Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Fienstein, Jerry Brown and the rest of the idiots Californians elect every November?

  16. Have more criminals attending their games than any other state. All ever hear about is fans going to games there being beaten into a coma. Just about every time you wait in line at the rest room at a game somebody will tap you on the shoulder telling you a stall is open if you don’t notice it. What kind of assholes would attack someone over that.

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