The Eagles Are Borrowing a Brain Damaged Bald Eagle for Their Home Games

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Before this season, a real-life bald eagle would occasionally make appearances at Eagles home games by flying over the field during the National Anthem. That eagle is named Challenger (above), which is an awesome name for an eagle. But this season, the Eagles have partnered with the Elmwood Park Zoo to bring their bald eagle, Noah, to all home games for pictures, meet and greets, and some beautiful, terrifying, American nobility.

But Noah, whose name is not as cool as Challenger, has had a rough go of things, because in the NFL, even the live-animal mascots have a history of brain injuries. According to the Norristown Times Herald:

Noah is a 13-year-old bald eagle that is in the possession of the Elmwood Park Zoo by the authority of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. At just 8 weeks old he suffered an 80 ft fall that left him with permanent brain and eye injuries. He spent several years in a rehabilitation facility before arriving at the Elmwood Park Zoo in 2008.

Yikes. We can only assume that Noah will be a better and less risky addition to the Eagles family than the brain damaged horse was to the Griffin family. In fact, he has already been at home games this season, and he will continue to hang out in HeadHouse Plaza for pictures before kickoff and his on-field appearance.

No word on if Noah is subject to ImPACT tests before taking to the sky above the Linc, but just look at how excited and/or horrified he is:

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.09.57 AM

So excited… so scared.

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22 Responses

  1. “At just 8 weeks old he suffered an 80 ft fall that left him with permanent brain and eye injuries.” Sounds like our Offensive line

  2. Best post from Jim in…. ever!
    Hussah Jim!
    That post even made the Swammi…. and then i thought about…. the Raaaaaaiders…. and it made me chuckle more violently.

    1. Not only is it a terrible towel…it is a Troy Polamalu Jersey with a terrible towel thrown over its shoulder. So…Noah is brain damaged, can’t see, and is supported by the Steelers…why is he going to Eagles games? This sounds like some really shitty foreshadowing…

  3. What a horrible, horrible post.

    It’s really a nice story about a bird being rehabilitated by a zoo. And the bird making people happy.

    So, let’s tell the story to make it sound negative. And then include some stupid clip from Family guy. Let’s talk about how we don’t like his name.

      1. There’s nothing sarcastic about. Poorly written satire is the best that I see.

        You can’t just claim sarcasm every time you tell a joke that isn’t funny.

  4. This somehow seems like a metaphor for the current state of both sports (locally and nationally) and America.

  5. Speaking of the birds, some guy on Eagles Pro Shop Instagram/FB pages claims the green jerseys came in from Nike last week but b/c 49s had home team choice, the Birds were forced to wear the white jerseys.

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