The Eagles’ Week 6 Cartoon Features a Scared Eli Manning in a BLACKOUT

Best cartoon of the season from the Eagles. In fact, best once since that baby Peyton-Eli one in 2012.

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13 Responses

  1. This cartoon video is absurd. Eli Manning being portrayed as scared? Let’s look as his resume:

    2× Super Bowl champion (XLII, XLVI)
    2× Super Bowl MVP (XLII, XLVI)

    I’m an Eagles fan, but also a realist. These little videos made by fanboys do nothing for me. Play the game and see who wins. Enough of this “trash” talk. The man has 2 rings. The Eagles have zero. We have no business talking trash against anyone.

      1. You’d think it was some political propaganda styled commercial the way this guy is carrying on. Relax, Bob. It’s called a sports rivalry. Some meaningless trash talk will go on. Stop crying.

    1. Finally a reasonable Eagles fan who recognizes the greatness of Eli Manning,and understands what it takes for a quarterback to win multiple Super Bowls.

      Bob you could teach a thing or two to your fellow fans down there in the most negative sports town in America(Philadelphia of course).

      1. Agreed. Eagles fans need to stop talking trash until they win something. If it was Phillies-Mets, I could understand. The Phillies won 5 straight divisions, were to 2 WS and won a world championship. We can thump our chests out towards Mets fans. However, any Eagles fan thumping out their chest out against the Giants is a damn disgrace. They don’t want to see what the team will do this year. They just want to talk trash. In my 40 years as a Philly sports fan, I can tell you this Eagles fan base is a different animal.

  2. One and two and three and………Oh!….Hi!…..I didn’t see you standing there……what am I doing?….I’m just warming up my giant biceps for Sunday Nights game. I’ve got a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of flags thrown and when you’re a standout referee such as myself , you’ve got to stay in tiptop condition. Now to warm up the vocal chords…”Holding number 24 defense, 5 yards and automatic FFFffffffiiiiirsssst down”!

  3. That cartoon may very well be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. And why does Eli have the voice of a 10 year old black kid? Stupid.

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