The Eagles’ Week 6 Video Is Basically Just a Party in 1080p


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    1. What ugly Traffic Slut are you? I know your not talking about KM because she is the antithesis of ugly.

  1. Do you know how hard it is to survive in this town for 35 years without any talent?

  2. The Giants stink worse than we ever did. We’ll miss you, Philly. Maybe Amy will get knocked up again someday!

  3. So the eagles couldn’t wear the kelly green uni’s because they would have to change their helmets and they told us it’s because the NFL mandates that all the NFL teams had to wear the same Helmets all year and weren’t allowed to change them, but I’m staring at the rams playing right now wearing alternative helmets…. WHAT THE FUCK. something’s fishy.

  4. Master Jeff, I just topped off the Prius with 3 gallons of high test and spit polished your Obama bumper sticker, will there be anything else?

    1. Jeeves, be a good chap and call an electrician, my heated toilet seat seems to be on he fritz.

  5. What’s with the infatuation that all the personal seat license paying yuppies have with uniforms, be they black , midnight green or pink? I remember when we just wanted to see a good, hard hitting football game. The biggest thing we were concerned about on Sunday other than the game, was how we were going to sneak beer in to the Vet.

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